Brief Process of Solid Phase Extraction in Shanghai Xinzhuang

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. solid phase extraction is a physical extraction process including liquid phase and solid phase. In solid phase extraction, the solid relative separation has a greater adsorption capacity than the solvent that dissolves the separation. As the sample solution passes through the adsorbent bed, the isolate concentrates on its surface and the other sample components pass through the adsorbent bed; high purity and concentrated isolates are obtained by adsorbing the adsorbate only by adsorbing the isolate without adsorbing other sample components.

1. Capacity and selectivity: The capacity of the adsorbent is under optimal conditions, and the amount of unit adsorbent can retain a total amount of strongly retained isolate. The capacity of different bonded silica adsorbents varies widely. Selectivity is the ability of the adsorbent to distinguish between the isolate and other sample matrix compounds, that is, to retain the isolate to remove other sample compounds. A highly selective adsorbent is an adsorbent that retains only the isolate from the sample matrix. Adsorbent selectivity is the function of three parameters: the chemical structure of the isolate, the nature of the adsorbent, and the composition of the sample matrix.

Selectivity of capacity of Shanghai Xinzhuang solid phase extraction unit

2, retention and elution: The most common method in solid phase extraction is to install the solid adsorbent in a syringe-like column, so that the sample solution passes through the adsorbent bed, the compound in the sample or through the adsorbent or retained in the adsorption On the agent (depending on the relative adsorption of the adsorbent to the solvent). "Retention" is a phenomenon of attraction between the adsorbent and the molecules of the separator, such that when the sample solution passes through the adsorbent bed, the isolate does not move on the adsorbent. Retention is the role of three factors: the separation, the solvent and the adsorbent. Therefore, the retention behavior of a given isolate varies in the presence of different solvents and adsorbents. "Elution" is the process of removing the separation of the separation agent from the adsorbent by adding a solvent that attracts the separation material more strongly than the adsorbent.

3. A brief process of solid phase extraction: one sample includes the isolate and the interferent through the adsorbent; the adsorbent selectively retains the isolate and some interferents, and the other interferent passes through the adsorbent; the adsorbent is rinsed with a suitable solvent, The previously retained interferent is selectively rinsed off and the isolate remains on the adsorbent bed; the purified, concentrated isolate is rinsed from the adsorbent.

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