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If you want to buy bathroom products, you will definitely know the various brands of bathroom. For example, there are many brands of toilets. Today, let ’s take a look at American standard toilets. American standard sanitary wares are from the United States. The products can only show the extraordinary design sense from the appearance.

【American Standard Bathroom】

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American Standard Sanitary Ware is a brand from the United States. American Standard integrates the world's most advanced bathroom technology into various product designs to help consumers create an unparalleled lifestyle of comfort, safety and water saving. In 2004, "Meikang" technology was introduced into the Chinese market to protect the health of you and your family. Introduced in 2005, the world's leading Champion ultra-invasive technology-super flush toilet, can flush more than 20 golf balls at a time, so that consumers can completely get rid of the trouble of repeated flushing and blocking.

【American Standard Toilet】

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American Standard (American-Standard) is an American standard company established in New Jersey, USA. After more than a hundred years of hardening, American Standard Company has become a world-renowned global company, and entered the Chinese market with products leading international standards in 1984, becoming the first internationally renowned brand in the bathroom industry to enter China.

In China, American Standard Sanitary Ware is well-known and is one of the top ten brand sanitary wares. The representative product of American Standard Sanitary Ware is the toilet. The American standard toilet has established a good product image and credibility in the market with its excellent service and product quality.

【American Standard Toilet Price List】

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American standard bathroom super flush toilet one-piece toilet two-stage water-saving toilet original CP-2033 | 2034 305mm pit distance ------ ï¿¥ 1678.00

American standard bathroom water-saving toilet slow-falling toilet flush-down toilet CP-2791 | 2792 305mm pit distance ------------------ ï¿¥ 1088.00

American standard toilet descending mute one-piece toilet siphonic toilet CP-2046 | 2047 400mm pit distance ------------------ ï¿¥ 2218.00

American Standard Bathroom Smart Toilet Cover Cleaner Wei Xieli Smart Toilet Cover Smart Toilet Combination AS7115-04 ------------- ï¿¥ 3399.00

American standard bathroom bathroom cabinet + shower + toilet + bathtub high-end bathroom decoration necessary combination set AS3-201 ----------- ï¿¥ 2669.00

American standard bathroom toilet ceramic one-piece toilet new modern 4.8-liter water-saving jet siphon CP-2073 305mm pit distance ------ ï¿¥ 2599.00

American Standard Sanitary Ware Smart Toilet Cover Bidet Intelligent Toilet Cover CF-7115 --------------------------- ï¿¥ 1798.00

American standard sanitary ware water-saving one-piece toilet toilet double-stroke strong impulse durable toilet 400mm pit distance ----------------- ï¿¥ 1678.00

American Standard CF-7115.002.04 e-clean Smart Toilet Cover Smart Toilet Cover --------------------------------- $ 1798.00

American Standard Sanitary E-Smart Toilet Cover Cleaner CF-7115 Flushing Seat / Toilet Cover Upgraded American Standard Toilet Cover -------------- ï¿¥ 1798.00

CP-2046 | 2047 siphon double flushed long toilet 400mm pit distance -------------- ï¿¥ 2098.00

American standard bathroom super strong antibacterial toilet 3 / 6L double-grade super flushing new flush-down 305mm pit distance --------------------- ï¿¥ 2699.00

American Standard Smart Toilet Cover, Smart Toilet Cover, Washlet Body Cleaner CF-71328 Yuehui Decoration Up to 30% Off! ----------- ï¿¥ 1999.00

American standard bathroom Siamese toilet siphon mute toilet water-saving antibacterial environmental protection toilet 400mm pit distance ---------------------- ï¿¥ 2218.00

American standard sanitary toilet water-saving toilet slow-down cover flush-down toilet 305mm pit distance ----------------------- ï¿¥ 1088.00

American standard sanitary ware toilet siphonic one-piece toilet CP-2046 305mm pit distance ----------------------------- ï¿¥ 1999.00

Summary: The above price is the price of the American standard toilet collected by Xiaobian. It is for reference only. If you want to buy a toilet, you can also go to Qijia Mall . I hope you can buy a satisfactory one.

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