High and low temperature test chamber insulation materials determine insulation performance

The uniformity of high and low temperature test chambers is the key item for third-party testing, and there are many factors affecting the uniformity, among which the thermal insulation material is one. It is conceivable that the insulation material is also a major aspect of determining the performance of the test chamber. This chapter talks about the choice of insulation materials for the test chamber.

More insulation materials used in the industry are glass fiber cotton + polyurethane rigid foam. This material has a good insulation effect. The test chamber casing is cold and does not have a feeling of heat and will not cause any harm to the human body. If the quality is slightly worse, the casing will be hot and the temperature will be extremely high, which will also affect the uniformity in the laboratory.

Therefore, when selecting a high and low temperature test chamber, the choice of insulation material is also a factor to be considered. Insulation of industrial equipment and pipelines, using good insulation measures and materials, can significantly reduce production energy consumption and cost, improve the environment, and have better economic benefits. Whether it is economic or thermal insulation, glass fiber cotton + polyurethane rigid foam is the best choice.


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Description of the 12L ice bucket

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