Philips steam ironing machine helps you create your own fashion week

The long vacation cannot and should not be at home! If you love beauty and travel, have you planned it already, during a long holiday, a trip that you can leave? But even if we say go and go, we must go out beautifully!

So, how can we become the focus of everyone during the journey? During the 2014 International Fashion Week, beauty-loving people all over the world rushed to New York. Although they experienced a lot of boat rides, as long as they appeared in front of the camera, they were enthralled. What is their beautiful secret?

By following the Weibo of fashion editors, the editor found that during this fashion week, the Philips steam hanger traveled with many fashion editors, and was sealed by Ji Dequan, deputy director of the fashion editor of "Yizhou", as two of the fashion week. In addition, many editors such as Phoenix Fashion Editor-in-Chief Yu Chan, Sohu Fashion Editor Liu Bo and Pacific Fashion Network Fashion Editor-in-Chief Cui Yishan all refer to the Philips steam iron as an artifact.

5 times the suction power * double the attraction

Travel is the release of a mood, away from one city, heading to another city, encountering a food, showing the best self in the camera. Fashionable and beautiful, smooth and smooth clothes will definitely increase your charm during the journey and double your attraction instantly.

The better steaming effect of the Philips Steam Hanger GC568 makes you smile more confidently in the lens. Unlike traditional electric irons for ironing, the Philips Steam Hanger uses a steam flow to heat the steam panel to control the temperature to the temperature suitable for all fabrics. This can not only avoid unevenness during ironing, but also avoid water stains. Trouble; golden ceramic smooth coating, realize smooth sliding and anti-scratch and anti-corrosion, make the ironed clothes more textured, do n’t worry about damage to the clothes due to poor temperature and time control, and make gorgeous clothes glow due to proper ironing Out of the original texture and effect.

"Hour" half work

On the eve of travel, there must always be inexplicable excitement, and I wish I could go to the place of travel immediately, and there must always be too many things to sort out. The efficient steam ironing process of the Philips Steam Hanger GC568 effectively improves the efficiency of ironing clothes, so that you have more time to organize cosmetics and accessories!

The Philips steamer uses a 3-speed mode to set the preferred steam volume for different types of clothes. Through innovative wind power dynamic suction technology and strong steam, it has a unique five-fold suction power; the retractable support rod can be effectively applied to many styles of clothing. The clothes hanger design also has a unique hanging and locking function, which is very stable during steam ironing; the shoulder-wing hanger design uses a detachable 3D fiber cover, which can better fit the clothes during the ironing process. Thereby, the ironing time is effectively saved, and the beauty of you can be neatly dressed in the shortest time.

Intimate love double

When you love beauty and iron your beautiful clothes with longing and curiosity, you must also hope that you will receive more care as well as beautiful clothes. When the romantic long vacation ends, there may be a lot of cleaning work waiting for you that annoys you.

Philips Steam Hanging Machine GC568 provides anti-scald gloves intimately, humane considerations will allow you to be extra protected when using steam jet ironing. In the selection of materials, the steam pipe of the ironing machine also uses a silicone-free steam pipe without PVC, which makes the ironing process healthy and safe. In addition, at the beginning of the design, the Philips steam ironing machine GC568 fully considered the environmental protection of the ironing machine and the convenience of scale washing. The 3-stage steam volume has an ECC environmental protection energy-saving mode, which fully saves energy; it can be separated The transparent water tank makes the water injection port more clean and hygienic. In addition to this, the scalding machine is also designed with a scheme for easy washing of scale, reducing your cleaning burden.

Although we are busy in daily life, although we do not focus on the glimmering spotlights, we believe that you who love exquisite life will also be able to use your travel journey as a T-stage and create your own fashion week.

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