BVLGARI packing box

Material: 350g/m2 Silver Plate Carton Size: 112×112×38mm
The box type structure is an up and down reverse single lift plug type. The front of the box is connected with the backward cover and the socket, the bottom of the box is connected with the forward bottom and the socket, and the side of the box is glued with a paste machine to form a folding package.

In printing, the material used is silver plate paper. The surface of the box is blue, white, and black. It is printed on the silver paper because of the transparency of the blue ink used. The blue ink shows the pearl color. The convex silver frame contrasts with the pearlescent blue text, and the pearlescent blue background contrasts with the silver text, making the entire box surface simple, elegant and beautiful. The printed bar code area is printed with a white background first, then a black bar code is printed, and the white lined with a black bar code increases the contrast so that it can be read by the code reader.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

Die-cast Cookware

Die-cast aluminum cookware is generally thicker and retains heat better than pressed aluminum cookware, but it is considerably more expensive. If the cookware has been manufactured by a casting process, it will be called cast aluminum cookware.,which is made by injecting molten aluminum into a metal mold under substantial pressure.

pressed cookware

die-cast cookware

die-cast cookware

Die-Cast Cookware

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