The Effect of High Efficiency Fountain Solution on Various Factors of Offset Printing

Offset printing is based on the principle of ink balance, in which the water refers to the fountain solution and the fountain solution directly affects the quality of the printing plate and the drying speed of the ink. Therefore, the printing plant needs to understand the characteristics and properties of the fountain solution used, and select the appropriate fountain solution to ensure the normal printing process.

At present, the fountain solution that meets the above conditions in the domestic market is dominated by imported products. Although the quality is relatively high, it is expensive. Therefore, the production of dampening fluids that adapt to new equipment, high quality, and reasonable prices has become a market demand. The technical personnel of Beijing Huashang Economic & Trade Co., Ltd., through the in-depth analysis of the composition of the fountain solution, and the influence of the content on the printing, introduced the high-efficiency dampening fluid-CGGEN and fountain solution for news printing.

The Influence of Huacon High Efficiency Fountain Solution on Offset Printing Factors

The efficient fountain solution plays a role in coordinating the various factors involved in the printing process, as follows:

· Printing plate. High-efficiency fountain solution makes the ink quickly reach ink-water balance; makes the non-graphical part of the printing plate have good hydrophilic and oil-repellent properties; functions to protect the printing plate when it is stopped; improves the printing plate's resistance to printing force; and is applicable to various printing plates. .

·Ink. The high-efficiency fountain solution can stabilize the degree of emulsification of ink and water, quickly achieve ink-water balance, and maintain the ink in an ideal dry state; the film-forming property of the ink is good.

Paper. The high-efficiency fountain solution can prevent paper static electricity, make the paper and rubber roller peel quickly and well, and prevent paper from falling powder and hair loss.

Printing presses. The pH of the fountain solution is controlled between 4.5 and 5.5 to protect the printing machine from corrosion: it is suitable for a variety of wetting devices; it prevents the accumulation of paper powder on various parts of the printing press; prevents the accumulation of impurities such as algae and grease; prevents salt Deposition of material.

The basic features of Huacon fountain solution

Huarun fountain solution is an efficient fountain solution with the following features:

1. The pH of the fountain solution is stable at 4.3 to 5.5 (the amount of fountain solution is 2% to 3%);

2. More suitable for high-precision printing, good dot reproducibility, rich prints, colorful

3. Appropriate addition of plasticizer can change the phenomenon of dirty plate due to excessive speed during high-speed printing;

4. The machine time can be stabilized in one class (8 hours), and can be printed continuously without adjusting the water supply system;

5. Reduce the wear of the PS plate in the printing process, prolong the life of the PS plate, and increase the printing plate resistance to printing.

6. Does not produce mold and algae substances and clog machine waterways;

7. Relatively reduce the amount of alcohol;

8. No crystallization;

9. There are corresponding fountain solution products for different printing materials and drying methods.

The hardness of the water associated with the fountain solution, the requirements of the pH, and the surface tension of the fountain solution will continue to be further explored in the future.

Source: PACK.CN

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