New plastic light stabilizer

BASF has developed three new Uvinul series plastic light stabilizers, Uvinul3034, Uvinul5062H, and Uvinul4092H, one of which is a benzotriazole compound, and the other two are high hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). This new product expands Uvinul's range of light stabilizers in the plastics industry. Uvinul 3034 is an ultraviolet absorber that is particularly effective for PET, PA and PC products due to its low volatility and good heat resistance; Uvinul5062H is a HALS oligomer product suitable for polyolefins, paraffin copolymers and Polypropylene and synthetic rubber composites; Uvinul 4092H is a liquid polymeric HALS that is primarily used in liquid toners for PU, PVC, and PET. Currently Uvinul3034 and Uvinul502H have passed the FDA regulations of the EU and the United States for food packaging materials.

Information Source: Plastic

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