Manroland Online Modules Difference

The three major factors affecting the printing industry today are quality, productivity and cost. Manroland's products and technology key focus on this, making customers more successful. For sheetfed offset printers, “value-added printing” refers to devices that continually increase productivity, such as fast-switching devices for reducing the time spent on boot equipment, and processes that are combined in creative online solutions.

Roland's online glazing unit's technology is different

Manroland's online coating technology is based on 26 years of experience. In the beginning, the emphasis was placed on the protective function of dispersion coating, but the gloss effect quickly became a very important factor. This is followed by gold coating and silver coating using a double coater using anilox and chambered doctor technology. Then, the range of applications was further expanded, the use of UV inks and UV coatings was increased, and a drastic change was made in the coating technology and the coating materials. The coating applied on the conventional inks was made to have no light or Shine UV coating for unprecedented quality.

Roland 700 Ultima Online Value-Added Production Flexibility

The ROLAND 700 Ultima is an on-line value-added printing technology that utilizes years of experience with single and dual coating modules. It is mainly used for high-quality printing and glazing operations on both sides of the paper. Especially suitable for long-lived activities that must be completed in the shortest possible time, this process has been widely welcomed. The paper enters the double-layer drying channel after the coating module, passes over the coating module, then flips over and prints and polishes on the other side of the paper. The other ROLAND 700 Ultima models have the glazing module and drying module installed behind the paper turnover device. To achieve special effects in top quality packaging or booklet printing, the glazing and drying modules can be installed in the latter position of the feeder. The special models of these presses are particularly suitable for the application of opaque white or metallic effects in the offset printing process. Since the second or third off-line production process is saved, the delivery time can be greatly reduced, the labor cost can be reduced, the operation of the paper conveying can be reduced, and the space required for the semi-finished products can also be reduced. Another advantage that must not be underestimated is that the production of color jobs can be completed in a single pass and the various overprints of the jobs can be completed without any problems that may occur during the second pass. ROLAND 700 Ultima can be equipped with a variety of online devices.

Intelligent Roland On-Line Coating Equipment Improves Printer's Productivity

The popularity of on-line coating has been around for many years. Packaging printers use on-line coating to coat almost any job. More and more commercial printers also have a keen interest in online coating. However, since most of them only occasionally need to polish, the use of a coating machine with an extended delivery device is not worth the cost. This is why Manroland has developed intelligent on-line glazing devices. This system is ideal for occasional applications such as glazing on paper and cardboard, or only dispersing glazing (protective matte and glossy coating). A printing unit equipped with a Roland intelligent on-line glazing unit can switch from printing to coating or from glazing to printing in a shorter time. This device can be installed on the last printing unit of various ROLAND 700 single-sided or double-sided presses. Infrared or hot air drying system has been specially modified to suit the standard delivery device and can get a very good drying effect.

The Roland Prindor Inline Cold Rolling Machine is a good example of value-added printing, combining the highest luxury and optimized on-line production processes. Unlike the existing hot stamping method, the cold stamping transfer device does not require other production steps and does not require heating. Both high quality and good economic efficiency and efficiency. This process requires two printing units: At the first printing station, a special adhesive ink is printed on the area where the printing material needs to be cold-tapping with the inking system and a conventional offset printing plate. This adhesive ink is colored so that the amount of coating can be objectively measured with the aid of a densitometer. Above the second printing unit there is a cold foil foil unwinding device which presses the cold foil against the part of the paper which is printed with adhesive ink. Unused cold foil is left on the substrate and rewinded onto a rewinder above the third printing unit. In the printing unit after this printing unit can be printed on printing materials and cold foil. An overwhelming combination of foil and different colors of ink can produce interesting effects. This is a unique, patented process. One of the major advantages of cold lamination is the ability to quickly convert cold lamination to regular printing, or from ordinary printing to cold lapping. Experience shows that this only takes about 30 minutes.

ROLAND Prindor Online Cold Rolling Machine for Cold Press Operation

The ROLAND 700 press with 6 printing units and 1 coating module is the best configuration for installing on-line cold ironing. After installation, it can produce products with cold press plus four-color printing and glossing. The printing press can also be changed into six-color printing plus on-line coating.

Source: China Packaging News

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