Zhuhai Zhongfu Packaging Launches PET Beer Bottle

At the "2006 China International Brewery, Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition" held recently, PET beer bottles exhibited by Zhuhai Zhongfu Polyester Beer Bottle Co., Ltd. have attracted wide attention from the participants.

It is understood that this kind of PET beer bottle is a multi-layer high-impedance bottle, which was developed by Zhuhai Zhongfu Co., Ltd. and the US PTI organization. Compared with glass bottles, this bottle has the advantages of light weight, impact resistance, non-breakable, and beautiful bottle shape, many specifications, etc., can be pasteurized under the specified conditions, and does not affect the quality of beer, but also can effectively avoid glass bottles Explosive wounding occurred.

Zhuhai Zhongfu Company is a large-scale private enterprise that produces plastic PET bottles and preforms as its core business. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of PET plastic beer packaging bottles in Asia. It can produce and sell more than 100 million PET beer bottles (1.6 liters) annually.

Source: China Wine News

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