SUBNIL LIMBUS 170 double hose filling machine

SUBNIL introduced the LIMBUS 170 double-head hose filling machine, which is driven by a 5-axis servo system and can handle 10,000 hoses per hour. Hose loading and hose positioning from the box to the hose holder are driven by the servo system. The filling pump has a vertical dosing system that helps product filling. The pressure adjustment function of the filling pump can detect excessive pressure on the dosing system. Servo control can ensure the system clean and accurate filling.

Most of the stations in the machine are installed in a central disk. This ensures a sufficient working space around the hose path. There is a waste station between the sealing station and the timing station. Overheated and poorly positioned hoses will not pass through this station. Poorly positioned hoses can be reused without filling or heating.

The LIMBUS 170 hose filler can be connected to the SUBNIL PRO 200 cartoner and the COLVRAP packer so that a SUBINIL supplier can provide a completed hose line.

Source: "Chemical Packaging Solutions"

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