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XF light

Extracted from fine fibers, lighter and smaller than fabric fibers. It is especially suitable for those athletes who demand more and more weight in outdoor sports. Not only that, the fabric is also windproof, waterproof and breathable. XF ultra-lightweight fabrics can meet all performance requirements of outdoor functional fabrics.

XF active

A new generation of multi-layer fabrics with superb breathable and waterproof features. When participating in sports, its superior breathability can quickly transfer sweat from the body surface to the outer layer of the fabric to ensure the body's dryness. XF waterproof breathable features to meet the performance requirements of various outdoor sports apparel fabrics.

Wind shield

In the cold weather, XF windproof fabric can guarantee the body's required heat under the premise of minimal exercise. The fabric mid-layer film is 100% windproof, yet fully breathable and 100% waterproof. The surface of XF windproof fabric is absolutely not ball, and it is very wear-resistant and comfortable to wear. For outdoor sports in bad weather, wearing XF windproof fabrics is the best choice.


The key finding in the skiing sport is that Gore's latest air-conditioning temperature control fabric is the only one in the world that allows consumers to adjust their thermal insulation performance themselves without having to increase or decrease clothing fabrics. Its thermal insulation performance is equivalent to the effect of fleece fabrics.

With a special airbag channel, the wearer can adjust the insulation effect of the AIRVANTAGE fabric simply by filling and deflation. Quick and convenient.


DuPont CoolMax fabric (also known as four-pipe shaped polyester fiber) is a highly functional fiber that helps wearers to improve their performance. DuPont's proprietary fiber CoolMax fiber structure is hollow, and the cross-section is cross-shaped, to ensure a larger contact area with the air, so that water vapor is more easily evaporated, to ensure the moisture, sweat guide characteristics. The sweat can be quickly discharged into the outer fabric of the garment, usually the outer fabric is easy to dry. (In the moisture transfer test, garments using CoolMax fabric were almost completely dry within 30 minutes, while pure cotton garments still retained 50% of moisture.)

Ciba Ultraphil

The hydrophilicity (absorption) of the clothes is far from guaranteeing the comfortable feeling when the human body is dressed. Ciba ULTRAPHIL is designed to optimize the ability of clothing to control moisture and enhance its aesthetic appearance. The additive helps sweat quickly and brings sweat to the surface of clothing. In addition, auxiliaries accelerate evaporation and keep your body dry, while ensuring that your clothes are soft, low-static, and easy-to-clean, keeping your clothes looking new and clean.


Finetex, which is made in Korea, is a functional fabric that is windproof, waterproof, and breathable. The holes in the fabric are thinner than the water droplets and larger than the sweat, so the rain cannot penetrate the body, and the sweat can easily evaporate. Finetex can withstand water column pressures 2000mm higher than normal nylon. The air permeability reaches 4000gm/m2/24hr, keeping the body dry and comfortable.


The application of DuPont's anti-stain coating is to make the textile fibers coated in the nanometer range of molecular size. As a result, each fiber has the best moisture-proof and stain-resistance properties, and at the same time, its various advantages are maximally guaranteed. The Teflon coating will not change the appearance, feel and breathability of the fabric. No splatter will appear on the garment and you will not feel the presence of the Teflon coating.

Moisture proof: The liquid quickly drops on the surface of the coating, so that moisture rain can't penetrate it.

Resistance to stains: Annoying stains can only adhere to the surface of the coating and can be removed with a little cleaning. The color performance of clothing is not compromised.

Sympatex, Germany's top outdoor fabric, is a copolyether polyester polymer that allows certain gaseous substances to pass through while being waterproof and windproof. Xinbaoshi Film is a non-porous polyester film that passes through the temperature and humidity differences between the human body and the outside world. It allows water vapor molecules to pass through the membrane, but water cannot pass through it. The new breathable air permeability was rated by the authoritative research institute Hohenstein as the highest rating “excellent”. Its non-porous structure guarantees absolute water and wind resistance, and is free from contamination with salt, grease, chemicals and detergents, without clogging problems. At the same time Xinbao Shi film is 100% polyester, which is the most recyclable synthetic material. Because it does not use solvents, it is a very environmentally friendly film.

It is the compound of the new Paulson film and the superabsorbent layer. It can quickly absorb the liquid sweat produced by the human body and quickly vaporize the gaseous sweat. Therefore, it can maintain the temperature of the foot and also reduce the risk of excessive foot temperature. This waterproof fabric with a water-absorbent lining provides super comfort to the wearer, especially in intense sports.
Edition 500
The new Baoshao super light new generation jacket, based on an advanced woven composite fabric, weighs only 500 grams, but still adhering to the complete functionality of the new protection. The wearer will be amazed at its amazing breathability and overall comfort.

The aluminum coating on the film reflects 75% of infrared radiation and 97% of electromagnetic radiation (heat). The wearer gets extra protection: the body's heat is reflected most effectively and locked in the clothes. Therefore, it does not require a large amount of fillers and additional insulating materials.

The Xinbao Shi new series only has 5 micron thin film means that the thinnest film in the field so far has reduced the thickness by 50%. This 5-micron film is windproof and waterproof, and makes it possible to make ultra-lightweight fabrics of 60 grams per square meter. This film is ideal for use in sports such as cycling or running. Its breathability is also very good.

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