Jiangsu launches new "rotary" computer controlled filling machine

Jiangsu Changzhou Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Changzhou Wujin Xincheng Packaging Machinery Manufactory) based on the market and user needs, using domestic and foreign advanced technology, successfully developed a new era brand DGP-C-20X rotary computer controlled filling machine, has applied for the country Patented and put into mass production.

The machine is composed of main parts such as fuselage, automatic lifting system, pouring system, feeding box, touch screen, programmable PLC control circuit and vacuum suction device. It adopts the world-class brand of electro-dynamic components and has microcomputer automatic control and stable operation. With easy operation, good man-machine interface, high filling accuracy, and high filling speed, it can fill 15,000 bottles of liquid products per hour.

The machine adopts photoelectric detection in the rotary operation, which can achieve the bottle blanking, no bottle blanking, and the number of bottles is not enough. Filling capacity adjustments are done on the computer interface without any additional operations. All parts of the machine that contact the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel materials. The surface is polished, the appearance is elegant, and it does not pollute the environment. It conforms to GMP standards. The product is widely used in the filling of liquid products such as beverages, wine, soy sauce, etc. that do not contain gas.

It is reported that the company is specialized in the development and production of various types of liquid, powder packaging machinery business, has passed ISO9001 牶 2000 international quality management system certification.

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