Japan and Chinese Taiwan Businessmen Jointly Launch Environmentally Friendly Wooden Food Packaging Boxes

Japan's ADTX-MS cooperates with China Taiwan Senwang Enterprise Co., Ltd. to use the “Falcata Senwang” legume tree planted in Indonesia as the material to produce environmentally-friendly wooden food packaging boxes—Senwang eco-friendly food packaging box . Its products have been officially put on the market in recent days.

According to reports, there are 11 international patents in the box, and the price is similar to that of the existing petrochemical products. The sales target for the first year of listing is 1 billion yen (about 80 million yuan). Sensen eco-friendly packaging is not a reusable product. It is made of wood and therefore can be discarded directly. No need to sort and recycle and reuse. The Falcata forest grows to a diameter of 25 to 30 cm and a height of 30 cm in 4 to 5 years after cultivation. Because of the speed of production, it is possible to formulate production plans from harvesting, nursery, and tree planting. The calorific value when burned is smaller than that of wrapping paper, and it can be directly treated as combustible garbage, which can replace the use of petrochemical products such as plastics that are not conducive to environmental protection. At present, the packaging boxes supplied by Senwang have been used for Bento Boxes at Seven-Eleven in Taiwan, Family Mart in the Family, and at stations for food purchases. The monthly usage amounted to 40 million.

The Falcata forest is processed into a thin 1.2 mm thick sheet after harvesting, dried with hot water and dried. Both sides are covered with a layer of plastic wrap. In addition to being free to be processed into quadrilateral, octagonal, and circular shapes, it is also possible to store the two sides in a boat shape and store them in a laminated shape to form a container that can prevent liquid leakage. Moreover, the heat-resistant range can reach 30 °C ~ 220 °C, supporting electronic ovens, microwave heating and rapid freezing. The product adopts the latest scientific and technological achievements while utilizing the excellent characteristics of wood, which not only meets the needs of consumers, but also plays a role in protecting the natural environment.

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