How can there be "international patent" products in the market!

Many people in the market see products marked with "international patented products," "already reported international patents," and "acquired international patents," which are often prone to buying impulses. However, experts on intellectual property protection said that products marked with “international patents” are mostly patented “Li Gui” and citizens should be cautious when buying. The Shunde Science and Technology Bureau issued a notice a few days ago that Shunde will carry out the work of regulating patent marking in the near future. This will help crack down on the patent “Lee Ghost” and standardize the labeling behavior of patents so as to maintain the normal market order.

Counterfeit patents have a maximum fine of 50,000 yuan

The reporter recently learned from the Shunde Technology Bureau that in order to standardize intellectual property competition and patent tagging of related industries in Shunde, crack down on illegal activities such as counterfeiting of others' patents and impersonation of patents, and safeguard consumer rights and normal market economic order, Shunde District will From April 15 onwards, special law enforcement inspections were organized from time to time to further rectify Shunde’s intellectual property competition order. Prior to this, professional markets, production companies, and sales shops had been required to conduct self-inspections. According to the "Work Program for Regulating Intellectual Property Competition Orders in the Regulatory Patent Marking Behavior of Shunde District", food, pharmaceutical products, electronic products, household appliances, hardware processing and furniture are the key rectification industries for the rectification activities, large-scale wholesale markets, shopping malls and various types of The conference and exhibition is the focus of the remediation area.

It is reported that the rectification request is quite strict. When the products with standard patent marks and patent numbers are marked, they should be marked with the categories (such as Chinese invention patents, Chinese utility model patents, etc.) and the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent number of the patent. Annotators may add other words, graphic marks, etc. on this basis, but they must not mislead the public. The staff of the Science and Technology Bureau of Shunde stated that for enterprises that continue to implement non-standard patent marking activities, they will investigate and file the case for counterfeit patents and impersonation of patents, and penalize them for fines of up to 50,000 yuan depending on the circumstances.

Unstandardized labeling of patent companies is causing trouble

Wei Cheng of the Intellectual Property Section of Shunde Technology Bureau told the reporter that in addition to labeling "international patents" as malicious, there are also some products on the market that have an expired patent number or a virtual patent number. In these acts, some of them are malicious to deceive consumers. The behavior, but there is also a considerable part of the company "temporarily confused." However, such unstandardized labeling of patents often leads to troubles for companies and even loses the advantages of market competition.

It is reported that because of the labeling of the expired patent number, a type of herbal tea product sold on the market in Shunde received the "Rectification Notice of Intellectual Property Special Inspection" years ago, and the intellectual property protection personnel requested it to make rectification within a time limit. This herbal tea product obtained a patent authorization in 1993, but after the expiration in 2003, the product still marked the patent number “ZL9330××××.×”. The intellectual property protection expert stated that it had constituted a patented patent. behavior.

In addition, four or five kinds of products in a hardware factory in Shunde Leliu received patent authorizations in 2002. However, after the products were put on the market, the hardware factory was brought to court by the competitor on the grounds of “masquerading as a patent”. After inspection by law enforcement officers, it was discovered that the patent number marked on the product by the hardware factory was actually present and was owned by the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer did not take these products and the corresponding patent number “Zhang Guan Li Dai”. The product A was marked. The C patent number is in accordance with the implementation rules of the Patent Law. This is a "impersonal patent."

Experts say:

There is no "international patent" in China's patent laws and regulations

Wei engineer of the Intellectual Property Section of Shunde Science and Technology Bureau told the reporter that some of the products marked with “international patents” are mostly inferior products that are impersonated as patents. The citizens must not superstition the word “international”.

Wei engineers explained that in our country's patent laws and regulations, there will be no such thing as an "international patent." Patent rights are strictly regional in law, and patents filed in one country are not protected if they are not applied for patent authorization in that country.

If the inventor wishes to create patent rights in other countries for the same invention, he must submit a patent application in accordance with the laws of other countries. In other words, there are only specific national patents such as "Chinese patents" and "United States patents," and there may be no such thing as "international patents."

Wei engineers said that products currently marked with “international patents” on the market are mostly products that are maliciously patented. The technology used by these products may be very common, and may even be inferior products. We hope that citizens do not use “international patents”. A few words and gullible.

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