How to choose high-quality single-point constant temperature and humidity testing machine from many manufacturing industries

<p> 1] The production of single-point constant temperature and humidity testing machine equipment is a machinery manufacturing industry that has lasted for decades, and its basic technologies (such as refrigeration and heating) have matured. With the advancement and development of industrial technology, many new application technologies are continuously introduced into environmental test equipment, such as computer technology, fuzzy control theory, multi-box synchronous operation, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to give manufacturers the next best. Poor arbitrary conclusions. The equipment produced by decades of manufacturing experience of various manufacturers can be used. Their working principles, applied technologies, and even structures and materials have many similarities. However, due to the constraints of the production methods of "multiple non-standard, multi-species, and small batches" of environmental testing equipment, the reliability of products has always been a problem that entangles domestic and foreign manufacturers. The key lies in that the manufacturer must manage carefully, complete the process, complete the detection means, and be responsible for the quality (such as passing the ISO9000 demonstration). At the same time, the environmental test equipment is a durable product. Some problems and design defects need to be exposed for many years, and the problem can be discovered through statistical analysis. A mature, highly reliable product often requires years of improvement and perfection. Therefore, environmental test equipment manufacturers have a certain production scale and production history, which is one of the necessary conditions for products with higher reliability.

2) Quality control of the production process. The quality control of the domestic production process has been greatly improved. The quality control of the production process is related to the management level and production habits of the manufacturer. The certification through ISO9000 is a sign that the quality control of the production process has been standardized.

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Domestic and foreign manufacturers of temperature and humidity environmental test equipment have accumulated rich experience in the production of climate and environmental tests. The products provided are all available and reliable in quality. As for which one should be selected and which type of product is more in line with the requirements, in addition to some of the principles and specific technical indicators described earlier in this article, there are some factors that deserve attention and consideration.

a) Performance / price ratio.

On the basis of fully verifying the technical parameters and reliability of environmental test equipment, cost performance is an important factor that should be considered. Imports of environmental testing equipment are all sold domestically through agents, and the price factor not only depends on the cost and profit of the manufacturer, but also includes many intermediate links and sales commissions. Under the same manufacturing cost, reducing the intermediate cost is an important factor to reduce the order price. The manufacturing cost of products with relevant technical indicators in the same country is roughly the same. Even if the products produced by different countries (referring to Western developed countries) are different, they will not be too large. .

b) The degree and ability to meet user needs.

Users order a temperature and humidity environmental test chamber, the requirements of which vary according to the needs of product testing. If there are three comprehensive test chambers, they are often used for product parts or components and environmental stress screening tests. At this time, the equipment's forced dehumidification capacity and additional air The possibility of the drying system is an item that users should focus on. If some users want to use the three-combination test box for environmental tests (such as damp heat test), the adjustability of wind speed is a factor that must be considered.

c) Ability to deal with after-sales service and equipment failure.

It is impossible for any equipment to fail during use. Once a problem occurs, can the user enjoy timely maintenance services, or can he quickly determine the troubleshooting method according to the equipment's own fault diagnosis capabilities, so that the equipment can recover performance as soon as possible And put it back into use. In this regard, domestic and foreign manufacturers have made or are making active efforts, such as establishing a fast-response maintenance team, such as adding diagnostic and fault warning system software to the computer control system, the user can according to the information provided by the computer, as soon as possible Handle the fault.

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