Mingrun explained that the comfort of Daikin central air conditioning system comes from the details

Tips for Mingrun:

If you plan to install a central air conditioner, then it is recommended that you still choose a big brand, the brand is the guarantee of strength. Daikin air conditioner adopts the whole line of its own operation from R & D, production to sales. For the research and development and production of refrigerants, compressors, internal and external machines, we have our own team, so that we can get the fastest response to technological breakthroughs and product upgrades.

In addition, after the central air-conditioning brand is selected, a large company will also be selected to be responsible for installation and after-sales. The so-called: three-point product, seven-point installation, no matter how good the product is improperly installed, it will not be comfortable to use later.

product design

Owners who have experience in home decoration know that this is quite a tedious thing. In this case, choosing a professional design team is also an indispensable part. The same is true for the design of central air conditioning.

To this end, the designer of Mingrun Cozy Home brings some suggestions for the design of central air conditioning:

1. Indoor unit design

The location of the central air conditioner's internal unit must first be kept away from the window, so that the cold air blown from the air conditioner and the hot air from the window form a convection, so that the cooling effect is more uniform, and the owner will feel more comfortable in daily use.

In the air supply method, the air supply method of side-feeding and back-feeding is preferred, so that the utilization rate of cold air delivery can be optimized, and the cooling effect is naturally better, which can effectively avoid cooling dead ends.

At the same time, attention should also be paid to the interior design stage, as far as possible no obstacles in the air outlet of the central air conditioner, so as not to affect the air supply effect. For example, the design of the sky-round place that many owners prefer, will affect the air-conditioning port, which is not conducive to air supply.

2. Outdoor unit design

The design of the outdoor unit of the central air conditioner must first facilitate heat dissipation, preferably 10cm away from the wall; secondly, if two external units are required, avoid blowing the two external units;

Installation process

1. Indoor unit installation

Some owners responded that there will be noise after using the central air conditioner for a long time. For this reason, the evaluation staff specially conducted an in-depth understanding with the engineers of Jingyi Comfort Home and found that the noise is actually caused by the rough installation quality of the internal machine. Start with the details.

Detail one: The indoor unit should be installed horizontally, otherwise the noise of the fan blowing will increase during use.

Installation details two: fixed with double nuts, if fixed with a single nut, after long-term use, the nut is loose, and the product noise will occur when the fan blows.

2. Outdoor unit installation

The installation of the external unit of the domestic central air conditioner is not a hassle when thrown on the ground. To build a comfortable and beautiful home, you have to start with the details. First of all, it is necessary to install a special cement countertop. Secondly, during installation, a rubber ring is required to prevent noise from vibration. Finally, it should be noted that there is no shielding in front of the external machine, which is not conducive to heat dissipation of the machine, resulting in increased operating costs. In addition, if multiple external machines are installed, it should be noted that the external machines cannot be blown against each other.

Construction process evaluation

After the design is completed, it is time to enter the installation. The worker of our beautiful and comfortable home explained to us a lot of installation precautions.

1. Evaluation of copper pipe installation

We often have this situation in our lives. The air conditioner has a long service life and feels that the cooling effect has deteriorated. So the "experienced" master will tell you "that is your air conditioner needs to be fluorinated." In fact, this is the use of the central The biggest mistake in the air conditioning process!

Fluorine leakage is actually a problem of installation quality, and fluoride is not a daily maintenance. The main problem of fluorine leakage is the installation link, so the installation of copper pipes is sloppy.

First, the copper pipe needs to be lap welded when welding, otherwise the welded part is easy to break; secondly, the copper pipe needs to be protected by nitrogen, otherwise trachoma is easy to occur, which leads to fluorine leakage problems in later use.

The central air-conditioning installation of Mingrun Comfortable Home adopts the unique "bridge type" installation process, which makes the installation of central air-conditioning easier and faster. At the same time, it is firmer and more beautiful after installation. Ordinary central air-conditioning copper pipes are installed with a support every 1.2m-1.5m, while Mingrun Comfort Home is provided with a support every 1m during installation to prevent the copper pipe welding part from breaking. This "bridge type" installation process is also the focus of quality details on Mingrun Cozy Home. It uses higher than market standards for the insulation of copper pipes. At present, the best materials on the market and the higher insulation density are E0 grade cotton. A big guarantee for later use.

2. Installation and evaluation of condensate pipes:

First of all, the condensate pipe should maintain a slope of 1% during installation to facilitate the discharge of condensate.

Secondly, the heat preservation measures of the condensate pipes cannot be ignored. Since the condensate temperature of the central air conditioner is also very low, if there is no insulation treatment, it is easy to cause 2 times of condensation and damage our suspended ceiling.

Finally, the ordinary company did not install a support for 0.8-1.2 meters when installing the condensate pipes, while Mingrun Comfort Home set a support every 1 meter, which not only makes the installation firm, but also more beautiful.

3. Line pipe installation evaluation:

When installing the central air conditioner, the strong and weak electricity branch is an indispensable part of the line management. Some companies did not take charge of the installation, leading to signal failures in use in the future, which caused unnecessary troubles such as frequent maintenance.

During the installation, Mingrun Cozy Home uses iron wire pipes to completely prevent signal failures caused by strong and weak electrical interference. At the same time, the pipe layout of the iron pipe is more horizontal and vertical.

Company evaluation

Our brand selection is finished, and we know what details we should pay attention to when designing and installing. So, in the end, we need to find a qualified company to install it to ensure that the products we choose are maintained after use and after-sales.

Mingrun Cozy Home is not only a Daikin Shanghai PROSHOP professional store, but also has the qualification of Daikin multi-unit air conditioning system installation certification store. It is a Daikin core professional store with the largest physical store in Pudong.

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