On the detection function of digital multimeter

Digital multimeter is a commonly used portable detection tool. Even for highly electronic modern cars, digital multimeter is still a very effective tool for diagnosing faults in its electrical and electronic control systems.

In the process of system fault diagnosis, the most commonly used function of DMM is to measure resistance. Under certain working conditions, many system components, such as sensors and actuators, have prescribed resistance values. By measuring the resistance between the corresponding terminals of each component, you can determine whether the component is faulty. The resistance of the multimeter can also be used to measure the connection and disconnection of the corresponding terminals of the electrical switch at different gears to determine whether the switch is working properly; the resistance of the multimeter is used to connect the two ends of the same jack of the connector. The resistance is measured to determine whether the contact of the connector is reliable; the resistance of the multimeter is used to measure the resistance between the two ends of the contact with the relay contact closed to determine whether the relay contact is ablated or dirty ; Use the resistance file of the multimeter to check the continuity of the electronic components such as diodes to determine whether the corresponding electronic component is normal; use the resistance file of the multimeter to measure the resistance between the relevant terminals of the system components and the ground point to Determine whether the grounding of parts is normal.

Another commonly used function of digital multimeters is to measure voltage. By measuring the voltage, it is checked whether the working conditions of automotive circuits and system components are normal. For example, under certain working conditions, by detecting the voltage between the relevant terminal and the ground terminal of the connector of the automobile computer control module, it is determined whether the electrical circuit related to the control module and the control module itself are normal.

Under certain working conditions, the voltage between the signal terminal of the sensor and the ground terminal is measured to determine whether the sensor is normal; when the actuator cannot work normally, the voltage between the input and output (or ground) terminals of the actuator is measured, Determine whether the electrical circuit related to the actuator and the actuator itself are normal.

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