The bedroom is furnished with learning to teach you Feng Shui to help with marriage preservation.

Part1 bedroom bedside against the wall


The size of the bedroom should be moderate and the window should not be too much. The moderately sized bedroom will make the yang converge, the gas field is stable, and the couple's feelings are deep. More windows are likely to lead to third parties to insert, extramarital affairs, and unfavorable marriage.

The bedside should be against the wall to increase trust and avoid suspicion. If the bed is not relied on, it will make people feel uneasy and easy to be jealous, leading to distrust between husband and wife. Therefore, the bedside must rely on the wall to enhance mutual trust between husband and wife, in order to ensure the sympathy of the husband and wife. At the same time, the bed is best to stay away from the window, do not put a large mirror in front of the bed!

Part2 bedroom layout should be cautious


The bedroom is carefully arranged to avoid clutter. Couples bedroom should not be placed in the mirror, especially the position of the bed; it is best not to place too many electrical appliances, such as TV, computer, etc., and the messy lines entangled together, it is easy to lead to marital relationship confusion, tangled. Therefore, we must be careful to place the items in the couple's bedroom, so that it is neat and orderly, to avoid clutter.

Part3 skillfully using Feng Shui


Live in the star position

Star map

The star is a big star, the five elements are gold, the main family is harmonious, the husband and wife are in harmony, and it is also conducive to helping pregnant women. Using the star position, the couple bedroom is placed in the star position. Because of the relationship between the master and the couple, it is most suitable as a couple's bedroom. Living in a star position is very helpful to the promotion, harmony and preservation of the couple's feelings.

Looking for a star

"Gate to Star", you can determine the star position according to the location of the entrance door:

The East opens the door to the door, and the star is in the southeast;

The southeast opens to the door, and the star is in the east;

Just opening the door to the south, the star is in the north;

The southwest opens to the door, and the star is in the northwest;

The West is open to the public, and the star is in the northeast;

Opening the door to the northwest, the star is in the southwest;

Just opening the door to the north, the star is in the south;

Open the door to the east and the north, and the star is in the west.

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