How to solve the noise in the constant temperature and humidity box?

What are the causes of the noise in the constant temperature and humidity box? The constant temperature and humidity box has always been the main product of Haida Instruments, serving the fields of electronics, aviation, automobile, scientific research, etc., for testing and determining electrical, electronic and other products and materials. The parameters and performance of the temperature environment change after high temperature, low temperature, humidity or constant test. We are very clear that the compressor is the heart of the equipment cooling system. Generally, noise is caused by the compressor. How do we solve the noise? Here are the reasons for the following reasons and solutions:

   First, the foundation bolt loose vibration

   Solution: Tighten the base bolts.

   Second, too much oil leads to liquid strike

  Solution: Check the oil level.

   Third, the working fluid enters the valve and causes a liquid strike

   Solution: Turn the expansion valve low or temporarily off.

   Fourth, refrigeration compressor failure:

   1. The piston hits the exhaust valve during operation. Check for loose exhaust valve bolts.

   2 , damaged valve, replace the new valve.

Now the user finds out if the device noise during operation knows how to judge and solve it! If you have any other doubts, please call Haida Instrument Engineer. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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