What sports anti-cancer effect is best


The right amount of exercise can prevent cancer and cancer, and can improve the health of cancer patients in many ways . Therefore, people are advised to exercise regularly to prevent cancer. So what is the principle of sports cancer prevention?

    The principle that exercise can prevent cancer:

1. Muscle heat production during exercise is high. It is determined that the muscle production heat during exercise increases by 10 to 15 times than when it is quiet, which temporarily increases the body temperature. Body temperature can rise to 40 ° C or even higher during strenuous exercise. Cancer cells are much less tolerant of heat than normal cells and are more likely to be killed.

2. Exercise increases the oxygen intake of the human body. When the person is quiet, the oxygen is 4 to 7 liters per minute, and the exercise can reach more than 100 liters. The increase in oxygen uptake and the frequent exchange of gases can cause some carcinogens to be excreted.

3. Exercise can increase the movement of immune cells to stimulate the secretion of certain hormones in the body, speed up the formation of white blood cells in the bone marrow, and increase the ability of phagocytic cells. A small amount of cancer cells appear in the body and will soon be annihilated by many white blood cells.

4. Exercise makes a lot of sweat and sweat in the body can excrete some carcinogens in the body in time, greatly reducing the possibility of cancer.

5. Exercise makes the blood circulation faster In the case of accelerated blood circulation, cancer cells appearing in the body cannot stand firm, grow, and metastasize in an internal organ.

6. Exercise can improve people's emotional movements to exercise their will and enhance their confidence and perseverance in overcoming cancer.

7. Exercise increases interferon secretion when the body is in motion, the interferon secreted from the blood every hour more than doubles, and interferon has an exact anti-cancer effect.


   What sports anti-cancer effect is best?

American cancer expert Jerome Brock said that the most reliable way to prevent breast cancer is to do at least 3 hours of intense exercise every week. He explained that intense sports mainly refer to the following sports: running, cycling, playing squash, playing badminton and swimming. He said that medical research shows that intense exercise can obviously prevent a variety of cancers related to endocrine, most notably breast cancer. He solemnly pointed out that although cancer treatment methods are changing with each passing day, the cure rate of cancer patients after treatment has not improved much. So it is still an old saying: prevention is better than cure.

In addition, healthy young people can exercise with a large amount of exercise, while middle-aged and elderly people must participate in at least 3 exercises per week for at least 30 minutes, but the amount of exercise is tolerable and not fatigued. In addition, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, Ba Duan Jin, are all respected Chinese, as long as calm and exercise, can be a good conditioning patients blood to run, to achieve physical fitness, anti-cancer, cancer of purpose.

Warm reminder, when the body load is already heavy and tired, what should be done is stretching, relaxation, and soothing exercise, such as swimming, walking, sitting, etc., instead of playing basketball. This is like having been drained, and it is going to speed up the consumption and destroy, but it will "puncture". Some people will suddenly be shocked and violent, probably because of excessive exercise.

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