Talking about: Using Corledraw Software to Make Spot Colors

The use of computer plate making, especially the production of spot color version, if negligence, there will often be some problems that do not meet the printing process, resulting in huge losses, the following example.

Examples A, B, C spot color blocks. A is bronzing (here it is considered a spot color), B is a brown block, and C is a light yellow block.

When designing with Corledraw, we often fill the A color block as a rectangle with 100% Y, and fill the B color block as a rectangle with 100% Y, C, M. This is to output a solid color version separately from the actual printing. The color has nothing to do with the actual color control by the spot color ink. Then use C as the layer, B as the second layer, and A as the last layer and place them together. So that each layer is automatically hollowed out of the block, you can make three borders just register, there is no overprinted border version. This is very simple, but it is easy to have problems when printing. In particular, after multiple editions are combined into large editions, due to the large size of the sheets, the papers are easily deformed, and the trailing places may appear to be missing due to overprinting. When the stamping is heated, the paper is more likely to be deformed and leak out. .

How to solve these problems? The answer is to do trapping. That is, a common overprinting edge is added at the boundary between two color patches to compensate for overprinting due to paper deformation or other reasons.

How to make it in Corledraw?

Method one: Make a separate file for each color version. A color block is made of a separate box according to the actual size; when the B color block is produced, the outer boundary is increased by 0.3mm so that there is a common edge of the A color block and a positive circle is dug out according to the actual size; the C color block is made A perfect circle, the surrounding area is also increased by 0.3mm, and the B color block has a stack of edges. In this way, 3 files output 3 plates, which prevents the layer from being automatically hollowed out in a file without the common overprinting phenomenon. When printing, first print the C block, then the B color block, dark color overprint with a dark color, and finally the A color block bronzing, you can avoid leaks. It takes a lot of trouble to form several documents. Moreover, since the color version is divided into several files, the layout size is not well controlled during production and RIP processing, and the output film may not be overprinted due to the different size of the printing plate.

Method two: This file only produces one file. Like the above method, we can create three color blocks separately. The A color block is the first layer, the B color block is the second layer, and the C color block is the last layer. Finally, select all 3 color blocks and click Mouse Right. In the popup menu options, select Overprint Fill. After such processing, the blocked "layers" will not be excavated but will remain as public overlapping edges. This is a better way. It is also worth noting that when exporting an EPS format file, the trapping priority should be selected as "Maintain document overprint settings."

In addition, in the output center, the RIP processing parameters also have to be selected accordingly. Take the PSPNT from Founder Century as an example, you should select “Allow user to define the empty parameters”, and select the “empty” parameter in the figure, so as to guarantee the final output. Edition meets the printing process requirements.

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