Winter skin care moisturizing has a high trick

        As soon as the skin is dry, the abhorrent fine lines will slowly climb the forehead. How to properly moisturize in the dry and comfortable winter, what moisturizing tricks are there?

Make good use of skin care products and moisturizers

Every morning and evening routine maintenance work, according to the characteristics of your skin, choose the necessary moisturizer, cream or gel, absolutely can not be sloppy. At the same time, don't miss the neck, which is easy to expose. Always have a bottle of moisturizing spray in the office, preferably one or two hours. The most economical way is to add a few drops of lemon juice with pure water, put it into a vial, use it as a spray, no irritation to the skin and whitening and moisturizing.

Aerobic deep breathing

Planting some green plants in the office can adjust the indoor air humidity well. Place some small plants like cactus next to the computer, which is moisturizing , environmental protection and radiation protection. Don't sit at the computer all the time, occasionally get up and go outside for two steps, do a little simple stretching exercise, it is a good way for the human body to increase oxygen and protect the skin from water and body.

Eat more collagen food for lunch

Don't neglect lunch because your work is busy. At this time, you need a light and collagen-rich business package. Collagen is the main component of the skin, accounting for more than 71% of the protein content of skin cells. Collagen makes the cells plump, filling the skin and keeping the skin elastic and moisturized.

Thoroughly cleanse and massage the skin

Every night, the skin is thoroughly cleaned so that the skin can breathe freely. Then lie on the bed, gently pat the skin of the face with the fingertips of five fingers for ten minutes to stimulate the blood circulation of the subcutaneous capillaries. Sticking to it for a long time can make your skin rosy and delicate, but this is a good way to spend money, so remember .

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