Usage Baolai to fight against dryness in winter and take good care of yourself

Skin is a mirror of the weather, and climate changes are most likely to appear on the skin. Using summer skin care products to care for winter skin is often counterproductive. If you use summer lotion instead of winter moisturizer, your skin will become more and more dry. It is also out of step to use the summer skin care steps to care for winter skin. For example, the body skin needs to be sunscreen anti-radiation lotion after bathing in summer, but the requirements for winter are greatly reduced, and the body energy essential oil is needed! Why do you need essential oils and which oils are best? Let's talk about it!

We know that essential oils are extracted from plants and are the most essential substances in plants. Even scholars who study essential oils say that "essential oils are the elves that the Creator has given to humans." High-quality essential oils are not simply available. Take Rose Essential Oil as an example. Let's take a look.

Rose essential oil is not only suitable for any skin, but also the only one-sided essential oil in the world that can be directly applied to the skin. It has obvious improvement effects on physiological, mental and skin problems. In order to ensure the quality of essential oils, the harvesting process of roses must be carefully studied. From the time and parts of picking rose petals and the containers stored to the internal temperature and humidity of the extraction equipment, we must monitor all aspects of the process to achieve perfection. The standard of organic environmental protection, the best rose petals are completely sealed, and the highest quality essential oil is extracted through a purely physical way of patent licensing.

For the special dry climate in winter, of course, other essential oils are needed, such as sandalwood oil which has excellent effect on dry dehydrated skin, analgesic and sterilized geranium oil, etc., but rose essential oil is the most indispensable, so at this time The body energy essential oil with rose essential oil as the main raw material becomes hot.

Energy essential oils are best used after bathing in a certain way, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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