Winter, the three major maintenance methods for tender women

In the winter, as the temperature drops, the body's metabolic capacity gradually decreases, and the skin becomes tight and dry due to the reduction of sweat glands, skin gland secretion and loss of more water. Therefore, winter skin care is extremely important. If you do not pay attention to careful maintenance, the stimulation of the cold wind and the use of heating will make your bright and beautiful skin become dull and rough, lack of elasticity and produce wrinkles . How to keep fresh, moist, smooth and healthy skin in winter? Medical skin experts and beauty experts prescribed maintenance prescriptions.

Prescription 1: Which measures are beneficial to the skin

1. Replenish water: Drink enough water to avoid dry skin caused by lack of water in the body. The temperature of the water when washing and bathing should not be too high, and the product with weak degreasing ability and strong moisturizing ability should be selected, including at least one bottle of moisturizing day cream and night cream.

2, adjust mood: If you feel nervous, fear, depression for a long time, the skin is easy to pale, yellow and black, wrinkles deepen, premature aging . Therefore, pay attention to adjusting mood and strengthening exercise.

3, adequate sleep. During the day, the skin is exposed outside, and at night it needs to be supplemented with enough nutrients and repair damaged cells. The skin color of the next day can be bright, delicate and smooth.

4. Strengthen nutrition. In winter, you should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs containing vitamins, and eat less animal protein, which is good for skin metabolism. Usually you should also eat more yin and lungs, such as sesame seeds, honey, try to eat less stimulating food such as onions, garlic, and also ingest some minerals such as magnesium, potassium and so on.

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