China's largest mahogany furniture second-hand trading center opened

Recently, Beijing Xisanhuan Hongmu Street second-hand furniture trading center was officially opened for trial operation, which marked the official establishment of China's first mahogany furniture second-hand trading center, China's mahogany furniture transaction entered the era of full-service !

China's largest mahogany furniture second-hand trading center opened"

It is learned from Hongmu Street that the second-hand trading center of mahogany furniture mainly deals with high-end second-hand furniture. The furniture materials are mainly mahogany, and also the high-end materials such as Nanmu. The first phase of the planned area is more than 2,000 square meters. It was officially put into trial operation a few days ago. In order to meet the new trading hotspots in the classical furniture market and ensure the sustainable development of high-end old furniture trading formats, the second and third phases of the project are also under planning.

China's largest mahogany furniture second-hand trading center opened"

According to Mr. Jiang, the manager of the second-hand trading center of the old furniture of Hongmu Street, in recent years, the demand for precious solid wood furniture in China has become increasingly strong, and the scale of the mahogany furniture market has been expanding and the price has steadily increased. In 2010, with the official opening of the room ya Nanxiang Xiang Jin Si Nan Art Museum, the development of Chinese classical furniture entered the “Nanmu era”, and the sales of high-end classical furniture became more vigorous. Consumers have new and more high-end after the mahogany furniture. select. However, for a long time, China's classical furniture trading activities are mainly limited to the new antique furniture market and a small amount of old-fashioned auction transactions. The high-end second-hand classical furniture market is extremely scarce, which seriously restricts the formation of the classical furniture trade and the sustainable development of high-end classical furniture manufacturing. development of. To this end, after years of information accumulation and market preparation, Hongmu Street has invested heavily to build this trading center.

China's largest mahogany furniture second-hand trading center opened"

Mr. Jiang said that the establishment of the second-hand trading center of mahogany furniture can be described as "coming on the ground." According to relevant industry estimates, there are now more than 300,000 families in Beijing with classical furniture, and millions of families across the country have mahogany classical furniture. The market for mahogany furniture is quite large, and mahogany furniture owners and enthusiasts build mahogany. The voice of the second-hand market for furniture has been high. Whether it is an old customer who has a new generation of replacement needs, or an investor who has purchased classical furniture many years ago and is eager to cash out, he is paying attention to the establishment of the secondary market of classical furniture. There is also a group of people who have a special liking for old Chinese furniture and are eager to have more high-end market choices. However, because most Chinese classical furniture companies are busy producing and selling new furniture, the auction company prefers famous collections and overseas returning furniture. The national market has always lacked formal, professional and large-scale second-hand classical furniture distribution channels. Because of its high value, high-end classical furniture has strong professional requirements for its artistic value and market value. If the owner conducts a transaction privately, there will be greater risks.

For the birth of the second-hand furniture trading center of Hongmu Street, Zhou Jingnan (microblogging), a classical classical furniture researcher at the Palace Museum (Weibo), talked about his views. Mr. Zhou said that the establishment of the center will help promote the further improvement and rapid development of the Chinese classical furniture market. With the economic development and changes in people's aesthetics, the group of classical furniture consumers has been expanding and diverging. For example, people who bought mahogany furniture ten years ago are now hoping to upgrade their old furniture. Another part of the consumer is eager to take the old furniture and then buy the royal palace after seeing the Nanmu furniture and the golden nanmu furniture returning to the rivers and lakes. The style is more pleasing to the eye, and the furniture collection is promising. The establishment of a high-end old furniture market at this time is in line with the potential needs of high-end consumers.

It is learned from Hongmu Street that the center will use the trading method of the auction market for the old furniture, and charge a certain percentage of the commission to the traders. The trading operation mode is temporarily divided into two types: replacement and sales.

In the second floor lobby of the second-hand furniture trading center of Hongmu Street, the author met Mr. Ni who came to understand the trading methods of old furniture. He said that he has been buying mahogany furniture since the 1990s. Currently, he has three houses in Beijing, all of which are filled with high-end mahogany furniture such as huanghuali, red sandalwood and red rosewood. Now it seems that some furniture styles have been duplicated, and some furniture will have "aesthetic fatigue" when they are at home for a long time, and need to be updated. After learning about the trading method of second-hand furniture, he is considering to transport some of them to consignment here, and the other part adopts the replacement method. After negotiating with the trading center experts, he can find the difference and buy some Nanmu furniture and Jinshen furniture for use. Redwood furniture second-hand trading center exchange telephone

China's largest mahogany furniture second-hand trading center opened"

It is reported that at the same time as the second-hand furniture trading center was established, a professional team composed of experts and scholars in the field of classical furniture, industry practitioners and masters of ancient furniture appreciation came into being. They will be responsible for the assessment of the inspection, art value and market value of the old furniture, and the development of scientific and reasonable, operational evaluation, trading and replacement methods to highlight the high-end and professional operation of the second-hand furniture trading center.

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