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Miles travel hiking outdoor climbing backpack display
Miles launched a trip to go hiking outdoor backpack, air circulation system around the carry, side and bottom open positions, can remove items without removing the package. Reasonable space arrangement, to enable more capacity items, comfortable and breathable system behind the backpack can feel the whole person's physical and mental comfort, rain cover at the back of the bottom of the warehouse with a rain cover 60000D waterproof, to meet the harsh weather waterproof Required. Full-featured and multi-style style design has become a must-have item for travel, adventure, or fieldwork enthusiasts. The price of this backpack on Taobao is 168 yuan.

Miles Backpack

Army green backpack

Orange backpack

Rear view of backpack

Backpack structure display

Back structure analysis show

Miles Travel Hiking Outdoor Climbing Backpack Parameters:
Product Number: MLS1959
Outdoor bag capacity: 36-55 liters outdoor package Material: Nylon carrying system: Resin mesh Place of origin: China Market price: 318
Color classification: Army green orange fruit green black by purpose: Professional mountaineering carrying system structure: Outer frame package (negative major)
For the crowd: Neutral brand: Maleroads / Miles Price range: 101-200 yuan

This material has unique Absorption and suction capacity. It`s Superior dust-free, soft, anti-static and would not do the damage to the objects` surface and strength and durability. This material do not add any chemical adhesive material.

Performance characteristics

1,Dust-free: There is no fiber shedding and no fiber chips come off when uses. It ensures the quality of wiping.

2, It smoothly weaved and has excellent transverse tensile.

3, It is soft and would not do the damage to any surface, no scratch.

4, Unique Absorption and suction capacity, it is 4 times better than common cotton cloth.

5,It has  efficient remove water and oil stains ability.

6, It would not have fiber chips when rubbed in the hot water with detergent for its fiber combined firmly.

7,It has excellent solubility

8, It is anti-static

Application Area

1, Civil cleaning: it applied in wipes, compressed towel, Kitchen Wipes, dishcloth, etc

2,Health Area: Surgical clothes, surgical caps, medical sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, medical gauze.

Features & Specification

Smooth surface,no floss, ideal for DIY, Salon ,Spa etc

Good absorbent of water and other liquid, can absorb

high-concentrations nutrients  and can prevent the loss of

evaporation of nutritional components effectively

Soft feel and comfortable, no stimulation

Clean and healthy, safe, no allergic reactions to humans` skin

Biodegradable,environmental,friendly product

1. Eco Bags: shopping bags, suit bags, promotional bags, gift bags, tote bag, etc.

2. Home Textiles: table cloth, disposable cloth, furniture upholstery, pillow & sofa cover, spring pocket, mattress and quilt, dust cover, storage box, wardrobe, one-time hotel slippers, gift packing, wall paper, etc.

3.Interlining: shoes, garments, suitcase, etc.

4. Medical/ Surgical: surgery cloth, operation gown and cap, mask, shoe cover,etc

5. Agriculture: UV treated products used in agriculture, plant bag, keep fruit warm cover, crop cover/mulch, agricultural antifreeze tents, etc.

6. Car/ Auto cover and upholstery

Embossed Spunlace

Embossed Spunlace,Disposable Embossed Spunlace,Embossed Non Woven Fabric,Embossed Soft Cleaning Towel

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