Easily drive away dull skin and rejuvenate

In daily life, many factors can cause dull skin. Is there any way to improve this condition and make your skin look young and full of shine? This edition of the editor teaches you a few tricks, clever use of whitening lotion, and with exfoliation, you can easily drive away dull skin and rejuvenate your skin!

Dark skin is divided into several categories

Dark skin is divided into several categories

There are three kinds of dull skin types, such as horny skin tone, poor blood circulation, dull skin tone and UV-type skin tone.

In fact, as long as you find out the main reasons for your bleak skin color, you can use the right skin care and color cosmetics for your skin care.

Exfoliation improves skin dullness

Tips1: Exfoliate to improve dull skin

The stratum corneum of the skin gradually loses its brilliance, and the skin becomes more and more dull. The key to solving this problem is to remove the keratin and simultaneously hydrate. The replenishing energy of moisture regains the radiance of the skin. The first step is to periodically remove the aging horniness from the face. In addition, good daily makeup removal work and weekly exfoliation work will have a great effect on improving skin tone.

Poor blood circulation leads to dull skin

Tips2: Poor blood circulation leads to dull skin

As the body's metabolism and cells are degraded, blood circulation is gradually degraded. Massage is very effective. First massage the corner of the eye with the middle finger and press it for 3 seconds in the corner of the eye, then gently shake it; then gently massage the eye bag to the end of the eye, pay attention to the gentle force. Then apply a modified eye cream on the dull point to moisturize and brighten at the same time.

UV type skin tone

Tips3: UV type skin tone

Ultraviolet rays are the accomplice of dark complexion and the enemy of the skin. The skin is dull due to the precipitation of melanin. It is necessary to choose a suitable whitening product for your face.

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