Dry Lulu Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show on-site bath

Known as " China's first nude model ", the dry dew appeared in a sexy dress to appear at the Beijing International Auto Show. Recently, this popular nude model is not willing to be a narrow platform of the auto show, and resolutely open up its popular category, her important stop is the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show . According to reports, she will appear at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show Xintaihe Sanitary Ware Pavilion, and take a bath on the bathtub in the scene to host and interact with the audience!

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For many viewers, this year's Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show has more highlights than any previous year, and the highlights are very large. Are you looking forward to it?

Xintai and bathroom publicity photos

What did Dry Lulu wear at the kitchen show?

According to reports, Dry Lulu will appear at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show on 5.23-5.24. The cooperation business Xintaihe Sanitary Ware has prepared a variety of interactive activities, including the charming and fascinating activities such as on-site bathing, which is absolutely eye-catching to kill the film, and at the same time boost the popularity of the scene and its brand awareness.

At the Beijing Auto Show, the topic of the Queen's dry dew is still fresh in memory. At the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, what will the dew show wear? Or will it be undressed? The new Taihe bathroom marketing director Fu Hailong revealed to Netease Home that the direct nakedness will be vulgar after all, and the appropriate sex is more attract. He said that Lulu will bring eight sets of valuable clothes to the show. Unlike the Beijing Auto Show beauty show, the dry Lulu is in the Xintaihe Pavilion for most of the two days of the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show. If the auto show does not see the beauty, the kitchen and bathroom show may be a glimpse.

Bath, hosting, and games contributed many times

Fu Hailong revealed that the activities that Gan Lulu has publicly attended have never tried bathing, hosting and interacting with the audience. This time, Xintaihe has contributed many of her “first time”.

According to reports, dry lulu will bathe in Xintai and this year's main bathtub, and even for two days. In addition, in the afternoon, the beauty and the audience will be arranged to interact with the game, and the guests will be invited to come to the close with the "Goddess" and play the game balloon. It can be predicted that the Xintaihe bathroom booth will be absolutely overcrowded at that time.

I hope that the popular queen will drive the brand influence

This kitchen and bathroom exhibition boldly innovated and signed the popularity of the brand to promote the influence of the brand called Xintaihe Sanitary Ware, Xintaihe has been doing the domestic market since 2009, with an annual growth rate of about 30%. Fu Hailong also admitted that the company is looking for a popular queen to help the brand's influence in the country. At present, there are less than 100 domestic stores in Xintaihe Sanitary Ware. “The goal of exhibiting this year's kitchen and bathroom exhibition is 150.”

Peng Silong, general manager of Xintaihe Sanitary Ware Business Department, said in an interview that the company is the first one to make a bathroom brand. I hope to try it in this respect. "There is no new idea to see the big stars. Please try a newbie." Although there are many uncertainties, we can hold her up, and our company has enough strength to hold her up. I also believe that our cooperation will be a win-win result."

It is understood that Xintaihe Sanitary Ware invited this time to participate in the kitchen and bathroom exhibition is just a test of water, "If the response is good, it will sign a long-term cooperation agreement with it." This year, Xintai and the investment in the Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition also More than 2 million.

Regardless of whether you are still arrogant or not, what is most important?

At the Beijing Auto Show, the dry dew attracted a lot of attention and the evaluation was mixed. Boldly invited to attend the kitchen and bathroom exhibition, would you worry about the brand receiving negative effects? Fu Hailong believes that no one is perfect, she can't have too much for her. The perfect request. As long as it attracts attention, it is good at a certain level.

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