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Sequoia is also known as the coastal redwood, evergreen redwood, North American redwood, California redwood, commonly known as the redwood. In the long years, this treasure was in the depths of people, and in October 1769 was first discovered by a Spanish named Rispar in the American continent. In 1794, a Scots named Seth collected specimens of cones, leaves and seeds of the redwood. In 1823, the British botanist Lambert thought that the redwood was a new species of the genus Taxus, named Evergreen. Falling cedar. It was not until 1847 that the Austrian botanist Andernic discovered that Lambert’s identification was wrong, so he used the name of a North American Indian leader who founded the Kirocchi script as the genus of Sequoia. To show the eternal commemoration.

Sequoia has a strong natural regeneration ability, and it can sprout 5 to 10 times of seedlings on the cutting site, and the roots are also very strong. Sequoia is one of the most efficient plants in nature, so it grows very fast. Under the condition of only 1% of full light, it can grow well, which shows that it is resistant to negative. In California, there is a redwood tree that survived in the jungle just before the birth of Jesus. It has been more than 2,200 years old. This "old birthday star" has a chest height of 4 meters and a plant volume of more than 700 cubic meters. Its timber can be used to build more than 30 rural houses. A local church with a capacity of 500 people was built from the wood of a redwood tree, and the remaining wood was covered with several houses.

Two types of leaves: scaly leaves spirally born in the main branches; strips are born in lateral branches, base descending, without petiole, leaves arranged in two rows, not opposite. The epidermal cells are rectangular, the cell walls are straight, the stomata are both stomata or stomata, and the arrangement of the stomata is consistent with the long axis of the leaves, and the number of the guard cells is 4-6.

Geographically distributed only in North American redwoods (S. sempervirens), distributed in the northern part of California in the United States and the southwestern part of Oregon, is an evergreen large tree with a height of 110 meters and a breast diameter of 8 meters. It is one of the highest tree species in the world. It first appeared in the Jurassic and is widely found in the Late Mesozoic and Paleogene and Neogene strata in East Asia, North America and Europe. China is produced in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guizhou and Shandong. Recently, it has also been discovered in the Middle Miocene strata in Luhe, Yunnan.

Sequoia is the leader in ancient and famous trees in some countries in the Americas. The leaves of the redwood are slender and arranged in a feather shape, with green and evergreen. Northern California, USA

There are some native red cedars on the coast. The age of the trees has reached 2000 to 3000 years. The height of the trees is about 80 meters. The bust is more than 20 meters. The highest redwood is about 104 meters high and 6 meters in diameter. Therefore, it is called " Long Leaf World." In the narrow strip of more than four hundred miles, these "king of the forest" constitute a redwood park, known as the "Redwood Empire." Sequoia has a long life of more than 3,000 years. If there is a red cedar of "Grandland General", the age of the tree is 3,500 years old, 81.5 meters high, and the bust is 38.6 meters. It can build 50 houses of 6 rooms. Another example is the redwood named Changdelia, which has a tree age of 2,400 years. It is 96 meters high and has a bust of more than 20 meters. Because it blocked the way of the road, people designed a plan that had the best of both worlds: a “opening the belly” and a tunnel at the base of the trunk, so that the car passed through the tree hole and the stream continued. Now, this giant sequoia is still alive and alive, becoming a famous road sign in the history of highways.

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