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Fireflies has launched a high-power outdoor barbecue ignition gun, which uses the latest dual-channel gas preheating technology to ensure stable use under any circumstances. Standard gas tank interface, more convenient to use. Super power, strong firepower, central flame temperature up to 1300 degrees Celsius, suitable for field fire, processing and welding. The price of this product on Taobao is RMB 118. The following provides the relevant parameters of this product for donkey reference.

Fire Maple Outdoor BBQ Spray Gun

Gun display

Fire Maple outdoor ignition gun overall display

Valve display

The round aluminum valve can reasonably reduce the volume and weight, and the integrated valve adjustment rod can increase the stability of the valve.

Intake pipe display

The application of large-scale stainless steel intake pipe provides strong fire support.

Screw valve

The general screw-type valve suitable for flat gas tanks is the same as various gas stoves, eliminating the tedium of carrying a gas stove alone. Simple structural design, use more stable.

Fire-Maple High-power Outdoor Barbecue Ignition Spray Gun Product Specifications:
Product Name: Fire Maple FMS-706 High Power Spray Gun Brand: Fire-Maple/Fire Maple Catalog Number: FMS-706
Origin: China Category: Spray Gun Fuel Type: Gas Is Disposable: No Material: Stainless Steel, Copper Aluminum Alloy Power: 4000W
Product Size: 19cm*11cm*3cm
Weight: 159g

Crimp Height Gage

Designed specifically for pMDI use where the crimp Height is measured from the valve shoulder to the point in which the diameter of the crimped valve = 19.0 mm.

· Crimp height reading +/- 0.01mm

· Digital Readout

· RS232 Interface optional

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