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Rogrange China CEO Du Huade
Rogrange China CEO Du Huade

[Reporter]: We know that Legrand's overall strategy has always been a strategy like the pyramid. From the market product line, this structure, in the process of rapid development of our real estate industry, Legrand has experienced relatively rapid growth. . Since the beginning of the previous year, the entire real estate industry is moving downwards. In the near stage, including the last two years, will the strategic situation of Legrand’s pyramid continue?

[Du Huade]: Our market in China is indeed at the stage of the fastest development of history. In the past two years, although the overall market trend has declined, we feel that the opportunities in the Chinese market are still very large, and there are very Big room for more market share, this is our first strategy for Legrand.

Our goal is to cover all market segments. In the past, we may have focused more on the residential market. Now we see that many real estate developers are gradually turning to commercial real estate, so this is also a shift in our current strategy.

How do we get more market share? The first is the product line we have in the past, we will continue to provide, at the same time we will more to target different markets, segmentation needs, to launch our products, which means that our products are aimed at low The end market, also for the high-end market, is the entire vertical, from low to high market segmentation, we will launch the corresponding products. For example, switch this product, for example, in the past we are more to do residential, now the housing market has come down, but the country has introduced a policy of affordable housing, so we may specifically develop affordable housing for affordable housing. The price of the switch products of the house may be relatively low, but compared to the products of the competitors, our switch products will function more than the competitors. On the product side, we are now gradually broadening the types of products we can offer to meet the needs of different segments of the market. In the past, we paid more attention to the retail market, that is, when some home decorators, they will find renovations. Company, decoration company will buy our products. Now we may be better off to balance and balance large corporate and retail customers.

[Reporter]: Our market in China will be divided into retail and large developers. What do Legrand expect to receive for VIP developers? What prompted us to invest in these activities?

[Duhuad]: The reason is that we feel that developers are the key decision makers, showing them that we can provide a holistic solution for their business, thereby improving the performance of their products, and then with these developers Establish cooperative relationships, sign strategic agreements, make commitments to each other, and support each other. Our goal is to be able to build partnerships with these decision-making developers to let them know what value we can bring to their project bodies.

[Reporter]: I would like to ask a supplementary question. In the process of contact with these developers in China or in the process of cooperation, is there any difference between foreign developers and developers?

[Du Huade]: Many of them are mature in Western countries, but these customers in China feel that they are more willing to accept new innovative ideas and innovative products, just like we are in this morning. The same is true, because China is now undergoing a process of modernization.

[Reporter]: I have noticed that you used to be the CEO of Singapore and India's Legrand. You came to our Shanghai from 10 years and came to our China. You must have many ideas when you came to China. In three years, have you done what you expected?

[Du Huade]: Of course, when I came to China, I had a lot of ideas. As a person who travels all over the world, I feel that I am a relatively open mind, and I am also a person who adapts to change and accommodates differences. Before the Chinese market, I knew that the Chinese market was very big, but after coming, the Chinese market changed faster than I imagined. The rapid changes in the Chinese market are very interesting from another angle, because it makes me feel that everything is possible, nothing is impossible. Since we say that everything is possible, then we are making a mistake. After doing something bad, we can always find some ways to do it for him and do it right.

From the tradition of the Legrand Group, the general planning of a product is a relatively long planning phase, such as a planning period of five years, we will follow the five years to allocate how our design should be promoted, How resources are dominated. However, it has been found in the Chinese market that the five-year plan is far behind the speed of change. Therefore, we need to further adjust the strategy to suit the Chinese market under the premise of adhering to the vision of a group. We must further strengthen the closeness with the Chinese market. This will speed up your ability to adapt. In addition, our group also uses a lot of Chinese employees, which is also to make us better close to the Chinese market, our business needs a team to assist in the completion, for example, whether it is design or manufacturing, or sales, or advertising We still use the Chinese employees in the promotion team. The Chinese employees have taught us a lot. If we move slowly, they will say that you have to go faster. This market changes very quickly and teaches us to speed up all processes. When we come to China, we also need to become a Chinese company to better adapt to the Chinese environment. In general, the size of the Chinese market and the speed of change are unique.

[Reporter]: I also heard about the management of energy and the scene of intelligent control at the meeting. Is there such an experience store in China now?

[Du Huade]: At present, we don't have such an experience center in China, but we also plan to implement such an experience center in China, or there are some projects that you can experience. At the moment, if you have the opportunity to go to France, we must let the director personally bring you to experience the intelligent management of our products.

In the past two or three decades, we have been doing a lot of research and development in the use of heat and energy. We now realize that the concept of energy efficiency is deeply rooted in people's minds, and because of the global energy shortage, energy conservation will be ours. In the long-term topic of the future, we also develop a series of systems to better suit the communication needs, including communication inside and outside the building, internal communication, including in the house, how to control music, how to talk with family, in Externally, there will be some intelligent systems. For example, when you leave the garden, you will automatically turn off the lights and do some energy-saving improvements. Now, the energy-saving measures and technologies we talked about are no longer imagined. It is also feasible to enter our lives in the future. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the people by providing products and technologies in this area. The smoothness of communication and the safety of people indoors and outdoors.

We have observed that in the past a long period of time, people's home and indoor power installations have not changed much. Some facilities like indoors, or the infrastructure that can be used, have changed a lot, for example. GPS function, some wireless phone functions, some WIFI functions, these things play more outdoors, and the changes are very large, but the electricity is not very large indoors. However, we believe that home or indoor applications are a very important market. We need to further promote the existing technology to the indoor market. We have also established a research and development center in Shanghai to develop products in this area.

[Reporter]: What new products will Legrand launch this year?

[Du Huade]: Our Legrand Group is preparing for market-by-market capture in different market segments in China. At the same time, we have also withdrawn from a series of new products. In general, we have seen China’s low-end market, that is to say The basic, economical market is a market that we are more concerned about now. In this market, it is characterized by more fake and shoddy products. Some Chinese local brands, even some fake and shoddy brands, account for the whole. More than 60% of the market's business volume. Our Legrand Group, the low-end market now accounts for a relatively small amount of business. In the past, we designed high-end and mid-end brands. High-end brands, such as the Legrand brand, are generally imported products. The mid-end brand is a series of TCL, including the C3 series just mentioned, and we also We are entering this access control market. We are also continuing to innovate and launch some new products. We have new products listed every year. The goal of launching C3 this year is to enter a basic market in China, generally for the products of the early TCL. An alternative or newer upgrade, he will have a wider range of product coverage and better performance than previous products. When we first entered China in Legrand, many products were imported from France. We mainly sell products made in France. Now we have been in China for six years, doing a lot of local investigations, market research, and design trend investigation. Our understanding of the Chinese market is also very deep. Our current products already have 80% of our products. It is made in China and is sold to the Chinese market. As an international group, we have an advantage. For example, we can introduce some professional skills and technologies from abroad, and then produce them through local manufacturing capabilities. A large-capacity product suitable for the local market, and the price is no longer high.

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