Nestle Icy Tea Multi-Angle Extra Large Aseptic Carton Packing

The combifit-magnum combi-bag multi-cornered aseptic carton pack was used to cap the 1.5 l large-packed Nestle lemon, peach and wild berries with combi-Twist. The combifit Magnum combi-bag with a combi-Twist screw cap is an excellent package for thirst-quenching and family drinking. The well-designed screw cap can guarantee that the beverage will not have any problems after it is opened. The delicious taste is well sealed in the carton and the product will not be affected by any external factors. The four large surfaces of the carton make the product more advantageous in displaying its characteristics. The carton package provides a great deal of space for packaging design and can provide consumers with more information. For example, the environmental beverage cartons do not require consumers to pay extra environmental deposits.

Source: Guangdong Packaging

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