The Influence of Bar Code Mark on the Packaging and Decorating of Goods (2)

Third, the use of advertising sentences on packaging has strengthened the organic integration of advertising and packaging.

Advertising sentence is the essence of modern advertising copy. Although it often appears in the form of sub-standards in advertisements, it can give people a deep impression because it enriches the characteristics of goods and has the advantages of propaganda, interest, good taste, easy to remember and so on. Impression, the use of advertisements on packaging also shows an increasing trend, which can also be said to be an extension of advertising effectiveness without increasing the cost.

Fourth, the series of packaging to enhance the display effect of the product:

Products of the same brand are packaged using the same or the same series of graphics, texts, shapes, and colors to form a unified style. Also referred to as “unified packaging strategies” can create strong visual effects in shopping malls, so that customers can produce brands or enterprises. Impressed by the fact that the actual visual impact with the advertising has a similar effect.

Fifth, the spread of packaging should be widely seen in the development of supermarkets:

The dispersible packaging is also called "aggregate packaging strategy." At present, there are mainly the following categories: Packages, which are associated with different combinations of goods, placed in the same package.

Commodity packaging: The sale of a certain number of products with small packages into a larger package (still for sales rather than for packaging concepts).

Improvement in the packaging: The original packaging of bulk goods in corrugated paper to make simple packaging, and now also appears to use white paper, four-color offset printing and carefully designed and decorated, in fact, the packaging will have the nature of sales packaging.

This kind of Japanese drink has a sharp contrast between the middle package and the small package of the interior, but it also uses the decorative dot pattern as the main figure to form the unity of small and medium packages.

The above three kinds of packaging should also be produced in the supermarket where people have bulk shopping requirements, supermarkets do not have salespersons, so the packaging and decorating work also proposes to make packaging a “silent salesman” role, and the increase in packaging also enhances its advertising. The required visual effect.

Six, POP-type packaging has appeared extensively

“POP” is a point-of-sale advertisement. Although it is a traditional form of advertising, it has been greatly improved in terms of regulation, emphasis, and scale production in modern advertising. General POP advertising is placed in shopping malls due to limited space and advertising. Due to the nature, it is often necessary to pay for land occupation fees. The packaging is designed to be a foldable display surface. The shopping mall can only be handled as a display of merchandise. At the same time, it can get the publicity effect of “POP” and the advantages are obvious.

This kind of beverage packaging is a portable packaging with the display effect of a POP-type packaging.

7. Reusable packaging, multi-purpose packaging:

The packaging is designed to be used at multiple speeds or can be reused. It is also called "reuse of packaging strategy." People use the packaging to shop again or use it. Brands and company names printed on them also produce a kind of mobile advertising effect.

This “Tianjin Paradise” moon cake is the work of the well-known designer Lv Jiancheng. The large carton pack is a typical poly-pack, and the extra bag packaging is a multi-purpose package, which improves product quality and its repeated use naturally extends. The timeliness of product promotion.

Eight, test supplies packaging:

The packaging is made into a small-capacity, large-scale publicity packaging, which contains a small amount of products and is given free of charge at home or at the point of sale. It is also called an “additional packaging strategy.” This is actually an extension of the gift advertising function, but Does not belong to the scope of advertising.

Only from the development of the above types of packaging, we can see that packaging design consciously absorbs and publicizes advertising factors, can play the role of advertising, and because of its own basic characteristics, it also has the advantage of saving expenses and facilitating management. It is really a good thing for manufacturers and market demand, so it is also one of the main features of the current development of packaging and decorating. Packaging and decoration and advertising have their own theory. From the point of view of developed countries, decoration design and advertising design are often two different groups. Especially in industries where there is a lot of changes in packaging and decoration, decoration design and product design are owned by enterprises. In one system, advertising is wholly represented by advertising agencies outside the enterprise. The research field of advertising theory is relatively wider and more complex, resulting in the formation of so-called “advertising” and the establishment of a number of branch disciplines, such as advertising psychology, Advertising aesthetics, advertising marketing, advertising design, etc. These disciplines are closely related to some aspects of the packaging and decorating theories. Intelligent packaging and decorating workers should regard them as part of their own knowledge to learn from and apply the packaging. Decoration ideology field function gets more play

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