Waterborne acrylic resin

Product Overview: The waterborne acrylic resin is obtained by the solution polymerization of acrylic acid and acrylic monomers.
Product Usage: This product can be used in the production of waterborne aluminum foil varnish and ink, waterborne gravure paper varnish and ink, and waterborne carton ink.
Product features: alcohol water as the main solvent, with no odor, no toxicity, no pollution to the environment, non-toxic to the organism, moderate color, moderate molecular weight, good wetting of the pigment.
Product Specifications: Viscosity: 60-65 seconds / 25 °C (solids: 35 ± 1%, coated with a 4 cup)
PH value: 8.5-9.5
Solvent: Ethanol, water solids: 50±1% (120°C.lhr)
Verification of the product: The aqueous aluminum foil made of water-based acrylic resin has extremely high transparency, high metallicity, vivid colors, excellent adhesion, excellent printing adaptability, good gloss, fast drying speed, and dryness after imprinting. odorless.
Product technical information content: Formulation, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, equipment inventory, recipe maintenance methods, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, usage methods

Source: China Tobacco Packaging Ink Information Network

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