Report Color Digital Proofing System Solution (2)

5. How to achieve high-quality and high-speed printing with Violet Newsprint * All the print commands are controlled by Violet Reporter. The printer driver is installed beforehand to send data to the printer.

* Ziguang report printing each trip is wider than other competitor products, that is the same number of trips, the print size is more than other software.

6, Ziguang report color output device * HP DesignJet 1050C and other HP inkjet printers (such as 120nr, 10/PS)

* Why use HP printer?

Strict technical tests have shown that the ink drop technology and some inks of HP large format printers have better performance when compared to other brands of printers when printing on newsprint, and the printing speed is more suitable for the needs of newspaper digital proofing.

* The difference between the above-mentioned different printers? – 1050C can be directly printed on the newsprint paper core (781mm) and light coated paper cores, and its large ink supply system has a relatively low printing cost.

-120nr can also be rolled on the newsprint (but must be cut to 610mm in advance) and light coated paper core, the investment cost is very low, the print accuracy can reach 200 lines, at the same time suitable for newsprint and light coated proofing, the disadvantage is the use of small ink The system, the printing cost is higher than 1050C, the speed is also slower than 1050C.

7. Ziguang report color matching equipment: * Avantes Spectrocam and X-Rite 500 series spectrophotometer * Avantes is a well-known supplier of optical inspection equipment in Europe * Spectrocam is both a spectrophotometer and a densitometer. Spectrocam can also detect lighting conditions. As well as reading spot colors, the LCD/CRT screen can also be calibrated to meet the needs of newspaper screen proofing. * The Spectrocam reads the test strip data in a semi-automatic manner, while the X-Rite 500 reads each color block one by one.

8, Ziguang Bao Cai used supplies:

* HP DesignJet 1050C uses actual roll newsprint or roll newsprint proofing.

* For newspaper printing centers and typesetting centers, newspapers will use the rest of the paper to print proofs. So the cost of proofing paper can actually be omitted for such users.

9、How to control the printing quality of the violet report color? * The ColorLoop tool of the built-in linear printer in the violet report color. * If the printing environment (temperature and humidity) changes and the print quality fluctuates, it is very easy to linearize the printer using ColorLoop. The color files matched with the actual prints can be stabilized without any changes. Rather than the need to redo the process of creating an ICC profile like other competitor software.

* If you need to install violet posters separately at the printing points of newspapers, it is recommended to use the same printer model, using the same paper and ink. Each point can share the same color file that matches the actual print. Just make ColorLoop for each printer.

Third, the cost analysis:

HP1050 special four-color ink (175ml) / set of 3920 yuan

Note: Original ink usage cost of HP: The average ink consumption cost of the open edition newspaper is approximately RMB 2.1

HP compatible ink usage costs: The average ink consumption cost for open-book newspapers is approximately RMB 0.8

Paper is newsprint and costs are negligible. 4. System environment:

Violet reported color because it is based on the PC platform, it is recommended to use NT technology based on WIN2000 and above operating systems, it is recommended PC hardware minimum configuration: Intel PIII 1G Hz CPU 512MB/30G SCSI/10000r Hard Disc10/100MB network card 17-inch flat screen.

Fifth, compared with other models: HP1050C + VS EPSON 10000 VS HP8550 series color laser printer

HP1050C+: original (ink) 3920 yuan/set; each facing cost (total) about 2.1 yuan; paper ordinary newsprint or light coated paper (the printing press uses the rest of the newsprint); life expectancy of 5 years; pure print speed of about 1 point 20 seconds/pair open

HP color laser printer: toner 4500 yuan/set, imaging cartridge 2500 yuan; cost per pair (total) about 10 yuan; paper copy paper or special paper; life expectancy of 3 years; pure print speed of about 5 minutes/A3

EPSON 10600: 4800 yuan per set; each facing cost (total) about 7 yuan; paper can only use imitation newsprint (RMB7.50/square meter); life span more than 5 years; pure printing speed about 10 minutes/pair open

Sixth, service:

1. Free on-site installation, commissioning and training to achieve proficient use.

2. Free warranty for hardware products for one year, long-term maintenance, response within 24 hours and solve the problem at home, ensure the normal operation of the system within 12 hours.

3. The back-end printing and various features of proofing are replaced, and color module files are provided free of charge within one year.

4. Make the digital proofing color truly restore the color requirements that the back end adapts to.

5. Conduct long-term technical consultations and provide related consumables and software upgrades.

6. Outside the product warranty period, sign the warranty contract.

Seven, system configuration:

1, Professional Edition Digital Proofing Software 1 set 2, HP DJ050C + large format printer (full open)

1 set of 3, purple color color calibration service for 1 year

Single system standard quotation: 16 million yuan

Source: Software Frontier

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