Life Tips: How to wear a helmet safely?

Safety helmets are indispensable equipment for the work of some high-risk industries. They protect the heads of workers from harm or damage, which is of great significance to their lives. So, how do operators properly wear helmets at work? The following small series will give you a brief introduction.

The correct way to wear the helmet:

1. Check the helmet. Before wearing a helmet, you must carefully check that the helmet is intact:

(1) Is the cap cracked or deformed?

(2) Is the cushion ring and jaw belt inside the cap intact? Is the connection firm?

(3) Have you been hit hard?

(4) Does it exceed the service period? (The FRP helmet is used for 3 and a half years, calculated from the date of shipment)

(5) Whether the new helmet has a manufacturer's name, production license number, date of manufacture, etc., must not be used.

2, adjust the size of the helmet lining buffer ring until the head is slightly restrained, but not uncomfortable, so that the helmet does not fall off when the lower jaw is not lowered; the top of the person's head and the top of the cap The vertical distance of the space is not less than 32mm, so as to ensure sufficient buffer space on the top of the head, which is also conducive to ventilation.

3, wear a hard hat. Don't wear a hard hat, don't wear a brim behind your head. The long hair of a female worker must be in the cap.

4, fasten the jaw belt. The mandibular band should be close to the lower jaw, and the degree of tightness of the jaw is constrained but not uncomfortable. This prevents the helmet from being blown off by strong winds, or being knocked out by other objects, or falling when the head is rocking.

5. Take and put on the helmet. When it is not in use, it should be taken out in a cool and dry place, and it should not be placed in a place with high temperature and scorn. Do not sit on the stool as a helmet to prevent damage to the helmet.

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