Open source motorcycle Tinker will use 3D printing components in the urban version

In London, there is a very interesting technology startup team, Wevolver, which provides open source hardware projects to the maker community. The 3D printed remote control robot avatar Inmoov that we have reported before is from their handwriting. In addition, Wevolver has completed another open source hardware project, also known as the CNC technology-based DIY motorcycle kit Tinker.

Recently, the latest developments in this project are that the Wevolver team claims that they will include carbon fiber 3D printing components in the urban version of the Tinker motorcycle, which will provide more storage space for the motorcycle users.

However, it should be reminded that 3D printing will only play a supporting role in the redesign of Tinker, and the project relies more on CAD-based manufacturing techniques than 3D printing. According to Tiangong, Tinker's designer is Jack Lennie, who relies more on CNC technology to reduce the cost and CO2 emissions of this DIY motorcycle. However, most of the tools used to make Tinker can be found in the general maker space. As for the urban version of Tinker, it is said that it has incorporated 3D printed carbon fiber components into its design, but more details have not been disclosed.

It is unclear whether these 3D printed carbon fiber parts are made with a carbon fiber-based desktop 3D printer , such as the Markforged Mark Two for $5,499. If not, these makers may have to use those industrial-grade technologies to make these "3D printing tricks."

“Tinker's design is very eye-catching, has a unique look, and is compatible with a wide variety of engines.” Lennie said on the Tinker project page: “But the most important point is that the design only needs simple, non-professional The tools are complete and allow users to be customized to the maximum extent possible. Tinker is perfect for beginners, enthusiasts or professional-level makers. It is a motorcycle that can be customized by the user."

It is reported that Tinker motorcycles can reach speeds ranging from 70-140 mph, exceeding the road safety standards worldwide.

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