Sports and leisure! Decathlon QUECHUA L1 outdoor quick dry trousers

Sports and leisure! Decathlon QUECHUA L1 outdoor quick dry trousers Date:2016-03-10 13:49

Decathlon came from France and is the world's largest retailer of sporting goods. In 2004, Decathlon entered China and has so far spread across 100 shopping malls in 46 cities nationwide. Provides a wealth of self-owned product fronts, and is divided into 20 different brand names depending on the type of sports. For beginners and professional athletes, Decathlon can provide sportswear, equipment and a variety of creative sports products. Its mode of control over the whole industry chain makes its products have a higher cost performance.

Decathlon QUECHUA L1 outdoor men's trousers are made of 100% polyester, light and breathable fabrics, help to dissipate the heat generated by the body, tear the fabric, reduce the risk of tearing, with a breathable warm lining, breathable and warm, Synthetic fabric, breathable and quick-drying. Semi-elastic and elastic waist, pre-made knee design, flexible movement, no restrictions.

The original price of 99 yuan, the current Tmall Queen's Day specials 98.9 yuan, although the decline is not much, but expensive in the package, like friends do not miss the opportunity.


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