Shanghai tipping technique to do a few steps to maintain the spring testing machine

As we all know, the spring testing machine is an instrument specially used to test springs. The spring is an indispensable small part for our life, but it must be rigorously tested before it can be used. Only the test can be put into use. At this time, the spring testing machine played its function. But many people don't know how to maintain the spring tester.

Today, Shanghai is about the maintenance of the spring test machine:

First, ground the spring tester for personal safety considerations.

Secondly, the spring tester is valid for one year under the normal use conditions.

Again, the spring tester should not be loose when operating, which will affect the accuracy of the test machine.

Then, the spring test machine lifting rack and each injection type oil cup should always be added with lubricating oil.

Finally, use the cover to prevent dust from falling into the machine.

In summary, if the spring tester can be ingeniously maintained, it can not only ensure the safe use of the spring, but also ensure the accidental reduction, and extend the life of the spring tester.

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