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The paper used in the tobacco label “Honghe Fine 88” is the new material to be introduced below—OPP film transfer laser silver card and PET film transfer laser silver card. (Before this, the Nanjing Lingshan century edge cigarette was also produced, but from technology, Quality and output are not very mature.

The transfer laser card produced by OPP film and PET film can be regarded as a new product among smoke label environmental protection materials, which not only satisfies the laser anti-counterfeiting effect of current industry production of composite laser paper, but also is in the development course of printing environmental protection materials. A very important step has been taken. Whether it is the manufacturing process of paper manufacturing or the manufacturing process of offset-printed cigarette products, there are many new improvements and new elements in the technology.

Basic process

The basic process for the transfer of laser silver cards is divided into four steps: image processing and plate making, electroforming and imposition, micro pressure, and laser processing.

(1) Image processing and plate making are mainly based on the optical principle to take pictures of the desired light bar pattern quickly. A photoresist of 1.5 to 2 μm (which can be prepared in advance) is applied to the glass plate of photoresist, and laser exposure is performed according to the design pattern. The non-laser exposed photoresist is washed away with developer to leave photolithography lines.

(2) Electroforming is the process of spraying silver on the developed photoresist glass master surface to make it electrically conductive, and then electroforming the electroformed silver plate into an electroforming bath to form a wire master (with a thickness of about 300 μm). The imposition refers to the use of the imposition machine to make the small version into a large version, and then repeat the process 5 to 7 times to make a large master version.

(3) Micropressure is usually divided into hard pressure, soft pressure, UV curing, and composite molding. The main features of hard pressure are embossing after aluminum plating. The pressure roll has higher hardness and higher pressure. The main characteristic of soft pressure is aluminum plating after embossing, and the hardness of the pressure roll is low; UV curing is at the same time of molding. The UV resin is cured so that the texture is set; the composite molding is used by any of the above four methods, but generally has poor results and is rarely used in normal production.

(4) Laser processing includes coating, transfer, and slitting. Coating is special coating on the aluminum-plated or film surface of the material; transfer refers to the OPP film, PET film through the vacuum evaporation aluminum machine to aluminum, silver, zinc sulfide, selenium oxide plating on the film surface, will be plated The film surface and the transfer bottom paper are compounded and then peeled by transferring the glue so that the aluminum layer on the film surface is completely transferred to the paper surface; the slitting is mainly based on the width and length required by the customer.

Product advantages

Why OPP film transfer laser silver card, PET film transfer laser silver card is regarded as a new masterpiece of paper industry environmental protection products? The main reason is that the transferred laser silver card is compounded and then stripped by the aluminum layer that has been deposited on the film surface and transferred glue. The pattern of the aluminized layer on the film surface is completely transferred to the surface of the paper, resulting in a plain surface and laser beam effect. The OPP film and PET film, which are not easily decomposed spontaneously, are peeled off, and there is a clear difference between composite laser beam paper (composite laser paper is composed of paper and OPP film, PET film is compounded with glue, and plastic film is not easy to decompose). The transfer of laser silver card paper can be naturally decomposed into organic matter, which has no impact on our living environment.

Puzzle breakthrough

Through the above-mentioned production process, a piece of sheet-transferred laser silver cardboard is manufactured in this way. Other paper jams of different colors are made by vapor-depositing different metal materials, and the production process is probably the same as that of a silver card. However, in the production process, due to the impact of the film platen roller, the finished laser paper will be restricted by the plate distance (the current industry is still unable to produce a non-version plate). So, how to make the sewing thread more fine? Jinjia Group affiliated company, Toyota Optoelectronics Technology, has developed a cloth-grained light column OPP transfer film and a non-spelling imposition line transfer laser paperboard. At the same time, OPP film and PET film are used to make transfer paper. The transfer card made by OPP film is more cost-effective. Usually, the price of OPP film paper is 400~500 yuan lower than that of PET film paper, which is very important for material purchase cost control. On this basis, China Toyota Optoelectronics Technology has also developed a positioning special version of the laser beam transfer silver card, cigarette label "Sunshine Jiaozi" on the little panda design is the application of positioning special version of the beam transfer laser silver card.

Key points of production

The transfer paper should pay attention to several points in the offset printing: the transfer paper is easy to drop and pull the ink in the offset printing; the transfer paper is prone to high or low brightness of the paper, which is difficult to control; the transfer paper is difficult to match with the general UV oil black , prone to print storm phenomenon; transfer paper color is obvious, need to be constantly adjusted during the printing process.

To sum up, the successful development of a new type of material also requires continuous improvement and improvement of production technology, and at the same time, every production step should be controlled very carefully and carefully. Because transfer paper has very strict production technology requirements, especially in the new production of transfer film, vapor deposition of aluminum layer, film pressure of the light column pattern, selection of transfer glue, and cutting distance, these factors directly affect the printed matter. The effect and quality of batch production are stable.

Reprinted from: Printed Materials in China

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