Packaging Container Surface Printing

The basic principle of curved surface printing is that when the squeegee presses and the screen image is in close contact with the substrate, the layout moves, and the substrate is driven to move while printing. After the printing is completed, the substrate is taken out and the screen is returned. In situ.

Rotary cylindrical packaging barrels, such as metal barrels, rigid plastic barrels, glass bottles, ceramic bottles printed; non-rotating bodies such as TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and other plastic shell text and patterns, these substrates have Printing of non-rotating bodies such as planes, curved surfaces, and low-spherical surfaces can only be accomplished by screen printing.

In packaging and decorating, round-bottom four-color or multi-color printing on round plastic bottles and hose revolving bodies, especially thin bottles, such as children's yoghurt beverage bottles, washing bottles, etc., is also based on automatic multicolor screens. Printing machines are completed, in these areas, it can be said that non-printing is none other than.

MULTI PURPOSE USE: Not only for Ice Cream but also for baking cookies, watermelon, fruit bowls, mashed potato, drop cookie dough, use as a meatballs, as a fruit/melon baller and also great for dishing up pet food and much more

MULTIPLE USES, IDEAL KITCHEN TOOL - With H-Min Ice Cream Scoop stainless steel, we would use it to make beautifully rounded balls of ice cream, sorbet, fruit, and meatballs, melon ball, and perfectly portioned cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and more. They are mini ice cream scoop, mini cookie scoop, melon baller, sorbet scoop and cupcake scoop also. In short, it is a great versatile kitchen tool.

The small ice cream scoop trigger is easy to clean. We can hand wash, and dishwasher is also safe. They are made of 18/8 stainless steel, and are 100% recyclable with no plastic parts. Selected 18/8 stainless steel ice cream scoop are stain-resistant, and won`t pit, rust or corrode, Different from other inferior stainless steel. Kitchen Utensils and gadgets, kitchenware, Kitchen Accessories, kitchen helper and houseware.

Ice Cream Scoop

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