Pearlescent pigments for ink preparation

Pearlescent printing is a new type of printing that is more popular in screen printing and security printing. It mainly uses pearlescent ink. Pearlescent ink is pearlescent ink. When the print pattern changes angle, the color of the ink will change. Can identify authenticity. The printing process of pearlescent printing is basically the same as the traditional printing process. The key lies in the preparation of special light inks. It is generally composed of linking materials, thickeners, pearlescent pigments, solvents, auxiliaries and the like. In the preparation of pearlescent ink, the glittering effect of pearlescent pigments is passive luminescence, that is, its glittering effect can only be manifested under the condition of receiving light. In order to give full play to this feature of pearlescent brilliance, when choosing pearlescent pigments to mix inks, it is necessary to pay attention to the following three major relationships:

1. The relationship between the size of the pearl dip material and the flash effect is applied to the pearlescent pigments in the packaging and printing. All the pearlescent pigments are in the form of sheets. Usually the distance between the flash sources is large, and the flash effect is dispersed. On the contrary, the film is dispersed. Small diameter, small flash source spacing, flash effect is concentrated

2. The relationship between the size of the pearlescent pigment and the flash intensity The larger the diameter of the pearlescent pigment, the greater the multiple reflection and refraction opportunities of the light on the surface, and the stronger the intensity of the flash; on the contrary, the intensity of the flash is weak.

3. The relationship between the size of pearlescent pigments and the cohesiveness and suspension settling in the binder. Generally, the smaller the diameter of the light-shine pigment is, the smaller the particle diameter is, the easier it is to agglomerate, and the smaller the aspect ratio of the particles, so that the sediment is also easily generated in the binder, otherwise it is easy to be suspended.

In order to make the pigment uniform #-O- in the binder, it must be based on mastering the three major relationships. According to the density of the binder to select the appropriate pearl diameter pigment and aspect ratio of the pigment in the ink formulation, you can also add thickeners to prevent the precipitation of pearlescent pigments; or pearlescent pigments before wetting and then dispersed in the binder This also avoids the disadvantages of sedimentation caused by particles agglomerating and clumping.

Pearl ink preparation method is:

4 In general, add 1 0-2 Og of pearlescent pigment per 100 g of ink; @ blend the pearlescent pigment with the binder in a 1:1 ratio, and then adjust the ink flow to the printing requirements: 7 Blending Color Pearlescent Inks It is also possible to add some trace organic pigments to reduce the cost of the general use of white pearlescent pigments with other methods of pigments, such as white pearlescent pigments by adding 1% carbon black, you can get ancient silver effect

In general, the pearl color deployment should be based on light colors, because the deployment of dark colors when the amount of dark pigment added too much, will cover part of the pearl luster. In addition, it is not possible to mix color pearl ink series products. It is different from common inks. It can use two or more inks to mix into another color when two or more pearl inks are mixed. When used together, the phenomenon of complementary colors will appear, which will reduce the pearlescent effect.

Pearlescent ink printing is mainly used in the packaging and printing of goods, such as paper printing soap packaging cigarettes, cigarette holders, greeting cards, wallpapers, food packaging paper, etc.; film printing: PET, PE, 0PP, PS, etc. in the printing process, pearlescent Printing is suitable for almost all kinds of printing, but its ability to produce energy is due to different printing processes. Different specifications and operations are different, and the proportion of pearlescent inks is also different. In screen printing, the general ratio of pearlescent ink is: 10% to 45% of binder, 0.5% to 1.5% thickener, 5% to 30% pearlescent pigment, 15% to 35% solvent, Auxiliary amount.

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