The current situation and future development trend of offset printing (2)

Compared to offset presses, the advantages of the sheet-fed gravure press are:

1. The transfer of pigment is 4 times more than offset printing. The printing ink layer is thick and the ink is bright and full.

2. Non-wet press printing, there is no risk of ghosting, there is no problem with ink balance and ink emulsification.

3. When printing a large area of ​​color patches, there will be no problem of ink color change and no "ghosting" will appear.

4. The ink layer dries quickly, and subsequent processing can be performed immediately after printing, which can greatly shorten the production cycle.

5. Do not need to spray, there is no accumulation of ink, there is almost no ink fluctuations.

6. Printing materials that are difficult to print on offset presses, such as vacuum aluminized paper (gold cardboard, silver cardboard), metal foil, etc., can be successfully printed with a single concave machine.

7. Gold and silver ink, fluorescent ink, pearl ink printing effect is good.

8. Can print imitation metal etching effect.

Compared with the web gravure printing machine, the sheet-fed gravure printing machine is very suitable for printing medium and small batches of high quality prints. Its main advantages are:

1. The printing job is very flexible, and the pre-press preparation time and the replacement time are short.

2. Accurate overprinting, its overlay accuracy and sheetfed offset press exactly the same.

3. Little waste. Under normal circumstances, after the adjustment of one or two prints, it can be printed normally, with almost no waste.

4. Flexible equipment configuration and low investment.

According to statistics from suppliers of sheet-fed gravure printers, the current installed capacity of domestic sheet-fed gravure printing presses has reached about 200 units, and most manufacturers have a sheet-fed offset press. Their purpose in choosing a sheet-fed gravure press is to cooperate with existing offset presses to achieve a glue-and-concave combination for high-quality, low-cost printing. At present, more than 90% of the plastic and concave bonding processes are used for high-grade cigarette pack printing.

Screen printing is thick and ink full and praised. In particular, the development and application of various imitation metal etching inks have made silk screen printing an important position in the high-end paper packaging market in China. However, screen printing is difficult to reproduce fine images, and the production efficiency is low, and the rejection rate is also high.

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