PANTONE is a standard color language

Some people say that the beast has animal language, otherwise, the world will not be wonderful. Human language is expressed and recorded through a specific set of textual symbols. Listening with your ears, watching with your eyes, speaking with your mouth, and writing with your hands are the expressional features of human language.

Color language is the language by which human beings express and convey human's endless color world to nature.

Its expression symbol is a color block, which has its unique attributes such as hue, purity, light and shade, and warmth and coldness. Unlike word language, it expresses his existence through eyes and hands.

Language is a language because it has certain norms, otherwise it cannot be a language. Color language is a standardized color block symbol. Being a language can naturally be expressed and transmitted. The same is true for color languages.

People often ask me at work: I have a color block. Can you adjust the color of the ink in comparison with this color block? My answer is simple: In reverse, you should do it right. Use your color blocks with the PANTONE color card. Comparing the similar color patches, find the nearest or most like color patches, both. The reason is very simple: standardize the non-standard language, rather than break the standard language, destroy the color language. Why the PANTONE color card, because it is a standardized color language, can be spread, expressed, this is the most fundamental reason, if you do not work out the PANTONE color language standard, color language can not be expressed, can not be delivered. You say a red, there are countless answers, red, deep red.... Therefore, to engage in printing should be accustomed to speak with the standard, designing the color to develop the habit of thinking with the PANTONE color language, the article should make people understand it, we must write according to certain rules; the printed spot color must be able to communicate to use The standardized color language expression, PANTONE language is the most widespread, so we must develop the habit of using PANTONE color language thinking. There is no standard color language that is hard to express and convey color, and why not make full use of it and let your hands get PANTONE spot colors instead of vice versa. Normalization = PANTONE = simplification. No company's LOGO today is yellow-green, tomorrow is blue-green, and it is the specific requirement of the printed matter itself that we must use the PANTONE color language standard.

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