Modern Packaging Design and Traditional Culture

In the social life of human beings, the needs of all living things have been transformed into the needs of culture. Modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, life-based and modern-oriented. Therefore, both in theory and in practice, we should treat packaging design as a form of culture. In modern society, the study of design theory is not only an in-depth analysis of a discipline, but should be a variety of Interdisciplinary views. Professor Wu Guanzhong, a well-known contemporary Chinese painter, pointed out: "In artistic creation, 'Lu Yao Zhi Ma Li', this kind of horsepower'' force'' word is often hidden in cultural heritage.'' Traditional culture is a long historical period in the past. The fruits of civilization that have gradually accumulated in various aspects such as production and life are also the crystallization of existing human wisdom. They are the foundation for future generations to inherit and develop their knowledge and skills. There are cultural differences in different eras. New cultures that have evolved or emerged on the basis of their predecessors have become a new tradition over time. Excellent traditional culture is the lifeline that sustains a nation. China is an ancient civilization with a history of 670 years. In the long history, the Chinese nation has accumulated excellent traditional cultural heritage that is both thick and broad and profound. It is an inexhaustible cultural treasure for us descendants. We can only inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and at the same time, we can absorb the nutrition and essence of foreign culture so that our design products can stand on the path of the world’s people. Unique.

Modern packaging design has its own unique art form. It conveys product information to consumers through visual communication elements. This information reflects the basic conditions and characteristics of the product. However, for modern packaging, it is necessary to give the spirit of packaging, embody the designer's thoughts and the design culture and design style expressed, and have a high degree of unity in appearance and connotation. Traditional culture and art provide a broad stage for designers. Many excellent packaging design works have been remembered by people for many years. The main reason is that designers capture the emotional needs of consumers and impress others. It is a challenge, and design must be touched. In analyzing the creative process of product packaging, not only the designer's own artistic accomplishment requirements, but also the designer's concern for consumers, caring for society, concerned with the evolution of the trend of international design trends, in order to be able to design with a certain degree of creativity and influence. Only by forceful works can we visualize and popularize traditional culture and arts, and then use the effect of assimilation to achieve powerful appeal and promotion effects. The rational use of traditional culture is a creative channel, but it is not the only one. The packaging design itself requires the designer to use graphics, text, color and layout in a comprehensive manner on the packaging screen to make it logical and display function. , and can make people stoop to think. Therefore, no matter what form of creative or design channel is used, it must be combined with the traditional culture and art of the nation, combined with human emotion and soul, communicate with market sales, and communicate with the consumer culture.

In today’s socio-economic wave, the circulation of goods is rapid and the elimination rate is extremely fast. If products are to succeed in marketing, relying solely on the product’s own excellence is not enough. As a product, it is used skillfully in packaging design. Traditional culture and art, combined with modern science and technology, incorporate the expressions of modern design, so that the use value of traditional culture and art is given a new sublimation, which makes commodity packaging have a strong sense of the times and the sense of nationality, and fully shows the personality characteristics of commodity brands. It has a positive effect on the circulation and sales of commodities. The secret packaging of products in the design of creativity, should be a variety of ways or methods to fully reflect the characteristics of traditional products, using packaging to more fully convey the geographical, national and timely information, reflect the packaging of cultural connotation and artistic conception. Conversely, packaging with traditional cultural products will certainly reflect the traditional cultural information of the products and products, and thus reflect the traditional style.

A good product packaging, in order to attract people, must have a high cultural taste connotation and a high degree of aesthetic beauty of traditional cultural material, but also should take into account the traditional cultural style and the current sense of the times. The era in which we live today has entered the era of highly-developed microelectronics and high-capacity information. Many things and things that we thought were impossible before have become a reality in modern times, especially since our country has implemented a policy of reform and opening up to the outside world. Many advanced cultures and technologies in the world have been continuously introduced into China and have gradually been used by me. They have merged with the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation and gradually formed the cultural situation in this new era in China. This is historically inevitable. The ideological consciousness for seeking new and beautiful ideas is shared by mankind, and it has thus been able to promote the continuous progress of society. Only in line with the pulse and rhythm of the times and innovation, modern packaging design will have infinite vitality and new artistic conception, and it will be accepted by people in the modern age.

Reprinted from: Shenzhen Graphic Design Network

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