Changes in the form of packaging graphic design

Graphics can be divided into concrete, abstract and decorative graphics.

Representational graphics: Photographic images: Photographic images can truly express product images, have rich color hierarchies, and are widely used in packaging. In addition to realism, photographic graphics can also use a variety of special processes to create a variety of graphic effects. Realistic drawing graphics: Photography cannot replace painting. The so-called writing of painting is not purely objective and realistic. Otherwise, it is not necessary to paint. Subjective choices must be made on the object to be expressed according to performance requirements, so that the image is more simple and perfect than the actual object. Inductive Simplified Graphics: This refers to the generalization process based on realistic writing. Summarize features and simplify levels to make objects more concise and clear. In terms of expression methods, changes in points, lines, and surfaces can produce a variety of performance effects. Exaggerating changes in graphics: This is a change process based on inductive simplification. That is not only summarized, but also emphasizing distortion, so that the performance object achieves a lively, humorous artistic effect.

Abstract graphic: Abstract graphic refers to a figure that has indirect connection without direct meaning formed by point shape change, line shape change and face shape change. Abstract graphics have a wide range of performance, and have a great potential for the performance of the packaging picture. Although abstract graphics have no direct meaning, they can also convey certain information. It is important to push this design. As mentioned earlier in the concept of joint ideas, abstract graphics can also guide the associative feelings of the viewer.

Decorative graphics: The use of decorative graphics for packaging and decorating is also extensive. Including the borrowing of traditional decorative patterns, care should be taken in the design not to abuse the decorative patterns, but should be used in conjunction with the properties, characteristics, and grades of the contents.

In addition to conventional printing, graphics can also be applied to mold processing techniques. Of course, this depends on the cost of the packaging and the performance requirements of the contents.

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