Common pitfalls for buying Jackets online

Currently, there are many brands of Jackets sold on the Internet, with various styles. There are not only well-known high-end international brands, but also cost-effective domestic brands. There are also some miscellaneous brands and counterfeit goods. The quality of products varies greatly, and prices vary widely. In order to promote sales, many sellers planted various traps in product promotion and misled consumers. Here we talk about a few mistakes in the purchase of Jackets for the majority of consumers to wake up.

Misunderstanding one, so-called well-known brands (international brands)
At present, some businesses on the Internet have created some Jackets or even outdoor brands to attract business. Obviously, it is a domestic registered brand, but it has to be said that it is a foreign country to enter the country, and will also add brand history for several years. What is more, slight changes in the letters or logos in foreign brand designs are still advertised in accordance with the content of the original brand. Their only purpose is to use consumers' high-quality trust in international brands to mislead consumers. How to distinguish this situation? Since it is an international brand, the English website is generally existent. If you can't find the brand's English website, then this "international brand" is worthy of your doubts. The products under this brand must be purchased with caution because of the brand. The products usually come from a relatively small processing plant, and their use of materials and processes are limited, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. If you are interested, you can also search the trademark on the website of the Trademark Office. Many of the so-called international brands are personally registered in mainland China.

Misunderstanding No. 2, the so-called high discount We can see individual brands of Jackets on the Internet, sales of a large discount (its nominal market price or counter price is very high) beyond imagination, will make people excited. But does such a high market price or counter price really exist? If there is no such high market price or counter price, then this large discount will be meaningless. It is just a gimmick for businesses and a means to deceive sellers. Businesses attract consumers' attention to high discounts, and let consumers ignore the value of the goods themselves and generate impulse purchases. As a result, what consumers buy is not worth the money they pay. They just enjoy shopping. The discount is great.

Misunderstanding three, the end of the single, foreign trade originals Currently on the network there are many businesses hit the end of a single, foreign trade original single banner, big sales special low-cost international high-end brand Jackets. In fact, these are merely the gimmicks of merchants. International brand manufacturers have very strict control and management of their foundry factories, and there are so many end orders or foreign trade originals. Those “end orders and foreign trade orders” are basically pure fake products. They only use the appeal of international brands and low prices for publicity. It is difficult for such garments to have any functionality. In very rare cases, the foundry factory used the same or similar fabrics as the international brands to produce a very limited number of goods (if it were able to find such goods, it was estimated that the lottery tickets would also win prizes), but the process, Spare parts will be more or less different, quality is not stable, and such products will not have after-sales service guarantees. Once they encounter quality problems, it is difficult to solve them.

Misunderstanding four, one-sided emphasis on the waterproof score of Jackets Many businesses will focus on promoting the waterproof number of the Jackets sold to show the waterproof performance of their products. Waterproofing is certainly important for Jackets, but it is not the only standard to judge the function of clothes, and it is not the most important standard. As a functional clothing, the important difference from other types of clothing is that it is waterproof and can have good air permeability. Only when it is sweated in the course of exercise can it have the greatest protection to the body. If you only talk about waterproof, then casually a dozen dollars of raincoats, you can absolutely waterproof, why do you need a few hundred or even a thousand pieces of Jackets. Therefore, when purchasing Jackets (if the business is called Jackets), while watching the waterproof, be sure to pay attention to breathability, or even if you spend very little money, it is still a bud. In order to be able to achieve the purpose of ventilation, Jackets use waterproof breathable fabrics, so the cost of clothing is high, even on the Internet, as long as it is genuine, its price may not be very low.

Myth 5: The lotus effect believes that everyone has seen many businesses displaying the water-repellent effect of water droplets on the surface of clothing while promoting their water-resistance (in rainy days, the rain is poured on the lotus leaf to form droplets). . Waterproof performance of the Jackets is divided into two levels. The first level is to spray paint on the surface of clothing (such as DuPont's Teflon waterproofing agent). This will produce a waterproof effect of the lotus leaf effect, but this waterproof method Because of the washing, wearing and wearing for a long time, the effect is weakened or even disappeared, resulting in loss of waterproof performance. We call it primary waterproofing. The second level, the use of waterproof breathable fabrics. With this type of fabric, even the surface of the garment is completely wetted with water, and the inside can still be kept dry. We call it the ultimate waterproof. Obviously, only the waterproof jacket with waterproof breathable fabric will have good and long-lasting waterproof performance.

Misunderstanding six, the more expensive to buy Jackets, the better we buy Jackets as long as it suits them, not necessarily expensive. The price of Jackets is usually linked to their functionality, and the more powerful the features and performance, the more expensive the price. If we are only on business trips, inter-city trips or leisure wear, purchasing simple suits with features and performance is sufficient, and there is no need to spend money on features and performance that are not used. If we want to go to special environments (such as mountains, forests, etc.) for outdoor activities (such as hiking, crossing, general mountain climbing, camping, etc.), then it would be nice to have a strong performance jacket. If you are really doing professional outdoor sports, professional-grade Jackets must be on the stage. It is essential to protect the body with good equipment. Of course, the price is also high. In addition, we should not be too superstitious about foreign brands. In fact, their high selling prices are more to fill a large amount of marketing expenses and ensure high profits. With the vigorous development of domestic outdoor sports, the domestic outdoor industry has also grown rapidly. Some brands of Jackets have been comparable to foreign brands from fabrics to craftsmanship to style design, but the price is much more affordable, so it may wish to start trying Chinese goods.

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