South Korea's new star repeatedly reshaping idol Xu Ruoxuan

Not only has China's "Korean Wave" boom in China, but the "Chinese style" in Korea is also a symbol of fashion. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Korean youths liked Chinese movies very much. Now Koreans in their 30s are talking about the stars at that time. Nowadays, Chinese TV dramas and movies are broadcasted in Korea, and a large number of Chinese stars have become the idols of Koreans. Nowadays, Korean entertainment circles are newcomers. Before entering the entertainment circle, many of them are taking photos of Chinese stars to face up.

I met Park Enying at a V-line facial surgery exchange held by Dean Park Sung-soo of the ID Hospital in Korea. Park En-ying was the live model of the event. Speaking of his own Chinese complex, Park Enying recalled, "Remember that when I was young, I watched the "Heroes of the Heroes", the black windbreaker in the store was selling well, and when I was young, I slashed a toothpick, imitating the image of the little pony in the film." Koreans are less enthusiastic about Chinese films than they used to be, but they are generally familiar with Chinese stars and famous directors. Chinese directors like Koreans are Zhang Yimou and Wang Jiawei. "I especially like China. Even if I am a star, I have to go to China. If I have the chance, I would like to cooperate with Xu Ruoxuan. So when I learned that the Korean ID Hospital will hold an event in Shanghai, China on May 31, I am very willing to go to Shanghai. I will know more Chinese friends through the event. I may develop in China in the future and I hope that my friends from China will support me a lot."

According to Ms. Park En-ying, Korean society generally pays attention to appearance and facade, women, and even men, as long as they go out to dress up, do not evade publicly talk about plastic surgery experience, and regard plastic surgery as an investment into society. "I am very dissatisfied with my face. I also want to have a small V-shaped face like Xu Ruoxuan. Because my classmate went to the ID-face surgery in Korea ID Hospital, I checked it on the Internet and learned that it was from Park. The long-invented V-Line quadrilateral face plastic surgery is a combination of quadrilateral face surgery and new chin-tip surgery. It can reduce the width of the chin and change the width and shape of the chin tip without touching the lower phrenic nerve. The preferred technology for face shaping is currently very popular in the Korean fashion industry."

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