L'Oreal Essence Bottle Cap Lightens Behind Green Forces

Recently, attentive consumers will find Garner's moisturizing essence bottle caps to be opened. The new caps are slightly lighter than the previous ones, and the caps are also thinner. Indeed, the bottle cap of this product was changed from the previous double layer to a single layer from this year, and the weight of a single bottle cap was also reduced from the original 18 grams to 9.8 grams and was 8.2 grams lighter. Do not underestimate this trivial 8.2 grams. You know, the star product of L'Oreal's Garnier brand sold about 2.2 million bottles worldwide last year. With the new packaging, this product alone can save L'Oreal more than 18,000 kilograms of plastic on a small cap.

Adhere to the "moral beauty, the morality of the United States", follow the guidelines for sustainable development, and continue to innovate, which enables L'Oreal to continue its beautiful career.

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