OL anti-computer radiation four tricks

The natural beauty of LISA is the director of operations of a research company. The busy work makes her have to face the computer for at least 10 hours a day, and sometimes she has to work overtime overnight. After a period of time, LISA felt that her skin seemed to have been faint, and many peas were born without any reason on her face. It was undoubtedly adding a few spots of color, and occasionally it might be itchy for a few days. This made Amy's LISA very depressed. It was originally caused by poor sleep. Later, she went to the outpatient department of the hospital. After listening to her situation, the doctor told her that many young girls now live all day because of long-term use of computers. High-intensity computer radiation can cause dull skin, long spots and "adult acne".

Doctors pointed out that the main culprit in causing young people's skin to dry and peel, premature aging is the computer around us. Today's offices and homes are inseparable from computers, and these computers are very strong sources of radiation. When the computer is in use, it will generate static electricity. The air around the computer will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. These dusts and dirt will fall on our skin, causing the pores of the skin to clog, which is not conducive to the skin's breathing and unable to maintain the necessary humidity of the skin. At the same time, the electromagnetic radiation of the computer will increase the evaporation of moisture on the surface of the skin, which makes our skin dry and incomparable, providing convenient conditions for acne and acne growth. And because of the role of radiation, facing the computer, we are like sunbathing without any protective measures, so that the skin dark yellow staining growth, and may even lead to skin rash. In addition, we have been facing the computer for too long, but also dry eyes and increase dark circles. Women face radiation for a long time, and may also cause gynecological diseases and have a direct impact on the fetus.

In the face of many problems of computer radiation, after consulting the doctor's opinion, LISA is ready to protect the skin from several aspects to prevent computer radiation:

Proper use of barrier cream and hydration for protection

Doctors recommend frequent users of computers, especially women. It is best to apply some protective equipment, such as a cream or foundation, before applying the machine to increase the skin's resistance. The barrier cream can effectively isolate the dust in the air, ensure the skin is breathable, and reduce the damage of the skin to the skin.

Another very important part is hydration. In the current summer and autumn season, you may be more concerned about the problem of sunscreen whitening, but will not agree with the skin moisturizing. In fact, the summer oil secretion is strong, the body sweats and easily evaporates at high temperatures, so the body is not the oil, but the water. Moreover, in a room with an air conditioner for a long time, on the one hand, the air conditioner itself has a dehumidifying function, and the air in the air-conditioned room is quite dry. At the same time, when the temperature is low, the blood flows slowly, the moisture and nutrients brought to the skin are naturally reduced, and the metabolic speed is also reduced. Will be slower.

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